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Open letter to all those engaged in combating climate change

Together, let's say yes to solutions and no to excessive behaviour!

14/12/2018 - As COP 24 draws to a close, and with the urgency of climate change and the sustainability of the energy transition at the centre of discussions in France and the rest of the world, are we really on two opposite sides?

Societe Generale is an ally of all those engaged in combating climate change with concrete actions
Societe Generale is convinced of the urgency we are facing and supports the collective objective of keeping global warming below 2°C. We have been taking concrete measures since 2015. We support our customers, individual and corporate alike, in helping them achieve their energy transition projects. We provide a vast amount of financing for renewable energies, with a contribution to the energy transition of €100 billion between 2016 and 2020. We have stopped all financing of coal and oil from bituminous sands or extracted in the Arctic. We will continue to steer our activities in line with responsible transition scenarios and as part of a proactive approach to achieve continued progress.

We say stop the excess, the attacks and the scenes that make scapegoats of our staff. 
We cannot accept that excessive behaviour and violence against our staff members becomes commonplace. We say yes to dialogue and no to provocation and attacks! The demonstration on Friday, 14 December at our main branch in Paris comes after several months of smear campaigns at branches across France seeking to blame Societe Generale members of staff. There is nothing to justify attacking the reputation and security of our staff, trolling them on social media and transforming their places of work into public sideshows. Excessive behaviour creates more excessive behaviour and wastes time dividing us instead of working together to find realistic solutions to a complex problem. Spreading exaggerated, simplistic and frankly incorrect information is simply playing into the hands of climate sceptics. Let's continue to engage in constructive dialogue.

We want to work together to speed up a realistic energy transition for the benefit of all.
Precisely because we are well aware of the importance of the many elements that are at stake, we reject all dogmatic approaches and temptations of dramatisation.  Renewable energies will take years to replace fossil fuels. Not because we don’t finance them but because, notably, the energy produced, which often depends on climatic conditions, cannot yet be stored or transported on a large scale. The complete rejection of fossil fuels is therefore unrealistic. While the reduction of coal is the first priority for all of us, gas, including shale gas, is a necessary transition energy. When it is extracted and processed according to strict environmental standards, US shale gas is useful for the energy transition because it enables a faster exit from coal. This is a priority in the US and Asia in particular, notably in China and India where demand for energy is increasing to ensure vital economic growth as well as political and social stability. A realistic approach means taking into account both the urgency of climate change and the legitimate needs of global economic growth, notably in developing countries. It also means knowing how to listen and adapt. After numerous constructive discussions with the NGO Amis de la Terre, we made a decision to discontinue all direct financing of imports of US shale gas into France. We will assess our support of the Rio Grande project in Texas, which is at the feasibility study stage, between now and the end of the first half of 2019, and our support will depend on strict compliance with our environmental and social policies. The energy transition will only be effective and acceptable if it takes into account in a global and socially fair manner the requirements of balanced and sustainable growth for the benefit of all the people of our planet.



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