Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors collectively represents all shareholders. It acts in the social interest of the Bank and ensures its proper function.

Its missions are to approve strategic guidelines, monitor and ensure their implementation in line with Societe Generale's values, and comply with the highest international standards of governance, ethics and risk management.

Its members are chosen for their experience, expertise and independence.

The Board of Directors aims to be composed of an equal number of men and women and to reflect diversity.

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  • 15 Directors
  • 50% of Directors are women*

*In accordance with legislation and the AFEP-Medef Code, the three Directors representing the employees are excluded from the calculation

A committed Board of Directors

Specialised committees to assist the Board of Directors in its supervisory duty

Their mission is to support the Board of Directors on specific issues. Each committee comprises at least four Directors and aims to achieve gender parity.

Audit and Internal Control Committee
Verifies the quality of the Group’s accounting and financial information.

Risk Committee
Anticipates new risks and ensures the quality of the risk-management system.

Compensation Committee
Ensures fair compensation, taking into account regulatory standards, objectives, risks and the standards of the Group’s Code of Conduct.

Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee
Selects the best talent for the company’s supervision and management.

Societe Generale applies the recommendations of the AFEP-Medef corporate governance code for listed companies

The AFEP-Medef Code is the code of reference for publicaly listed companies in terms of corporate governance. It defines the principles for the proper functioning of a company by introducing rules on executive compensation, control and transparency. First published in September 2002, the Code is regularly revised. 

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Internal rules

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Evaluation procedure for ordinary agreements

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List of members of the Board of Directors

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List of members of the Executive Committee

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