Cookies privacy rules on the website

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file liable to be saved to a hard drive space on your terminal* when you consult an online service using your browsing software. A cookie file allows the issuer to identify the terminal* on which it is saved, for the term of validity or storage.

 * the terminal is the hardware (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) that you use to view or display a website, app, advertisement, etc.


 What do we use cookies for?
We and our partners use different types of cookies for the purposes described below.

1. Operating cookie

These cookies are essential for browsing our website (such as session identifiers), allowing you to use the main features of the site and to secure your connection.
For example, they give you direct access to the reserved and personal areas of our site, thanks to identifiers or data you may have previously provided. Without cookies, you would be unable to use our site effectively. We therefore advise you not to delete them.


2.  Cookies for audience measurement  

These cookies are used to better understand the use and performance of our site, to establish statistics, traffic volumes and use of various elements of our site (content visited, path follwoed, etc.) allowing us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services (the pages or sections most often visited, the most read articles, etc.). These cookies are also used to evaluate the performance of our advertising campaigns.

 3Advertising cookies (personalised offers)

 These cookies are used to propose advertisements tailored to your interests, not only on our website but on other sites as well. They are used in particular to limit the number of times you see an ad and to help measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

Rejecting advertising cookies has no impact on the use of our website. However, it does not stop you from seeing ads. All it does is stop you from seeing ads that reflect your interests or preferences.

Advertising cookies are predominantly third-party cookies and derive mainly from advertising networks or our partners.

4. Sharing cookies (social media)

Our website contains links to Facebook, Twitter and other similar social media networks, allowing you to share content from our website with others. When you use the Share buttons, a third-party cookie is installed. If you are connected to social media when browsing our website, the Share buttons allow the content viewed to be linked to your user account.

We advise you to regularly consult the privacy protection policies of those social media networks to learn about how and why they use any browsing information collected through Share buttons (particularly for advertising purposes).


Cookie storage period

Cookies are stored for a maximum period of 13 months.

How to reject/delete cookies

For the most part, cookies can only be saved to a terminal with the consent of the terminal’s user. The user can give and modify consent at any time free of charge.

If you have agreed to allow cookies to be saved to your terminal (via your browsing software), the cookies contained in the pages and content that you have viewed can be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on your terminal’s hard drive.

 Cookies issued and used by third parties are subject to the cookies policies adopted by said parties. We inform you of the end purpose of third-party cookies to our knowledge and of the resources at your disposal to make choices regarding these cookies.

We provide you with a cookie management platform to manage the cookies used and/or placed on this site. At any time, by clicking on the link below, you may access the platform and change your preferences, depending on the type of cookie in question.

Link to the Content Management Plateform 


What cookies are used on our website?

The list of cookies contained on our website is provided below. This list is regularly updated:



Operating cookies 

Cookie's issuer  Data recipient Data storage period Purpose
SOCGENLB Societe Generale  Non- personal data, session

Automatically generated for the user session 

has_js Societe Generale  Non-personal data, session Javascript detection
incap_ses_ Societe Generale  Session Used by Incapsula, the firewall technical solution based on the DNS
visid_incap_ Societe Generale  1 year Used by Incapsula, the firewall technical solution based on the DNS
tarteaucitron Societe Generale  13 months  Allows management of the user's consentement with regards to the various categories of cookies

Cookies for audience measurement   

Cookie's issuer Data recipient Data storage period Purpose 
atuserid Societe Generale  13 months  Visitor identification for the site in client-side cookies
xtant Societe Generale  6 months  Session cookie for AT Internet 
_hjid Societe Generale   13 months  This cookie is definded upon arrival on a page with Hotjar script. It is used to manage the random user ID, unique to this site navigation. This guarantees that user behaviour on subsequent visits is attributed to the same user ID
xtvrn Societe Generale  13 months  Cookie allowing reporting on the number of visits by a user  
checkfisrtvisit Societe Generale   13 months  Used to check whether it is the user's first visit to the site 
Krxd Societe Generale  9 months  Used to collect navigation information on the site 

Advertsising Cookies

Cookie's issuer Data Recipient Data Storage Period Purpose

Sizmek (Adserver)

Societe Generale 

13 months  Used for analytical purposes concerning the suitability of advertising