Supporting change

Societe Generale, one of Europe's leading financial services groups and a major player in the economy for over 150 years, supports 30 million clients every day with 133,000 staff in 61 countries.

Our Group draws on our European roots to develop our activities internationally. Our unique geographic positioning enables us to connect Europe, Russia, and Africa with major global financial centres in Asia and the Americas.

The Group combines financial strength, proven expertise in innovation and a sustainable growth strategy with the objective of creating value for all our stakeholders. We seek to be a trusted partner in the projects of those building tomorrow's world today.

This engagement informs our mission: to protect and manage assets and savings, finance projects, protect clients in their both their day-to-day lives and in their professional activities, ensure secure transactions and offer the best technological solutions.

  • € 1.43bn

    in Net Income

  • 13.4%

    CET1 ratio for financial solidity 

  • € 120bn

    dedicated to financing the energy transition 2019-2023

Working together for the benefit of all

In light of our aims and ambitions, Societe Generale group has renewed the way we express our corporate purpose. An in-depth review has been carried out following extensive consultation with staff worldwide and in respect of stakeholder expectations. Our corporate purpose is a determined expression of our ambition to continue playing a leading role in the world's positive transformations.

Our corporate purpose

  • 30million

    clients, including individuals, businesses and institutional investors

  • 133,000

    members of staff 

  • 61


A positive role to play

Societe Generale group aims to be a trusted partner for our clients and is resolutely committed to the positive transformations taking place in the world. Whether working in Europe, contributing to sustainable development in Africa or supporting the global ecological transition, we address the challenges of our time by seeing them as opportunities.

Our vision

Societe Generale: Financing a better future

Four shared values

Team Spirit, Innovation, Responsibility, Commitment: Societe Generale group's four values are a reality for each of our activites and for all of our stakeholders. Societe Generale acts with integrity in accordance with the Group's Code of Conduct

Our values

An international bank with European roots 

Our three complementary business lines 

  • Retail Banking in France
  • International Retail Banking, Insurance and Financial Services
  • Global Banking and Investor Solutions