Digital Accessibility

Accessibility statement regarding the French site and annual action plan

Accessibility statement

This accessibility statement is valid from its date of publication, 28 October, 2020, and will be updated:

  • on the date of any substantial modification or revamp of the website in question;
  • 3 years after the statement’s date of publication;
  • 18 months from the publication of a new version of the French Référentiel Général d’Amélioration de l’Accessibilité (RGAA, the aim of which is to make it easier for people with disabilities to navigate and interact with website content).

Compliance status
This website is in partial compliance with version 4 of the French Référentiel Général d’Amélioration de l’Accessibilité (RGAA) because of the non-compliances and exemptions listed below.

Results of the tests
The compliance audit carried out by Publicis Sapient in October 2020 on the site’s production version revealed that it complied with 95% of RGAA version 4.0 criteria.

Description of inaccessible content
The content listed below is not accessible for the following reasons.


List of non-compliant criteria:

  • Criteria 7.4  For each script that introduces a change in context, is the user notified or do they have control over it?
  • Criteria 8.9 On each web page, tags must not be used solely for presentation purposes. Is this rule complied with?
  • Criteria 10.11 For each web page, can the content be presented without having to use vertical scrolling for a window with a height of 256px or a width of 320px (excluding special cases)?
  • Criteria 13.5 On each web page, is there an alternative to all cryptic content (ASCII art, emoticon, cryptic syntax)?

Drawing up of this accessibility statement
This statement was drawn up on 28 October, 2020.

Technologies used to produce the website: 

  • HTML5  
  • CSS  
  • SVG  
  • JavaScript  
  • ARIA  

User agents, assistive technologies and tools used to check accessibility
The web page tests were undertaken with a combination of the following internet browsers and screen readers:  

  • Firefox Developer edition v82.0b9  
  • Safari 14610. avec VoiceOver  
  • Chrome v86.0  

The following tools were used during the assessment:

  • headings map
  • web developer toolbar (Firefox)
  • development tools (Chrome)

Website pages that were subject to compliance checks

Assistance and contact provisions
To notify Societe Generale of any lack of accessibility and for any disabled person to request the corresponding information or an accessible alternative solution, please write to the following address:

Tours Société Générale
189 rue d’Aubervilliers
75886 Paris cedex 18

Referring a matter to the Défenseur des droits (Defender of Rights)
In the absence of a reply or solution, and once the request for assistance has been made, you can:

Send an email message to the Défenseur des droits (
Contact your regional Défenseur des droits representative (

Send a letter by post to:

Défenseur des droits
Libre réponse 71120
75342 Paris CEDEX 07