Published on 30/08/2023

Information security

Call for your vigilance

Date of detection Name Description

Stealing the identity of our bank with the intention to cause damage. We call for vigilance.

Q2 - 2023


PAREL SA’s identity was stolen. It is recalled that PAREL SA does not have any offer to individuals, nor any management mandate or any other form of investment.

Q1 - 2023


Stealing the identity of our affiliate GENEBANQUE with the intention to cause damage. GENEBANQUE does not provide investment advice or market financial products.

Q1 - 2023

Axus Finance

Website having no connection with ALD’s Filiates Axus. We call for vigilance.

Q1 - 2022

Société banque Générale 

Registration of a company having no connection with our Group. We call for vigilance.


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