Customer satisfaction and protection

Being your trusted partner

Your protection and your satisfaction are at the heart of the Group’s corporate purpose. The importance of our role as bankers is to help you invest in a more sustainable future. By supporting your projects and helping them grow, we are firmly committed to those who move the world forward.

Societe Generale puts value creation at the heart of our business model, placing ourselves alongside you, the entrepreneurs growing your businesses and developing your projects. To best help and support you, the Group offers added value in every aspect of our business and in each of our business lines:

  • making life easier for you by combining the best that humans and digital technology have to offer;
  • advising you and tailoring our support to the issues you face;
  • connecting you with the people who can help advance your projects;
  • putting our balance sheet to work to help those who want to invest;
  • evaluating and managing risks in a rigorous and responsible manner over the long term;
  • undertaking a commitment to respect and protect the interests of all, while aiming to meet the highest standards of security and quality of service.

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In 2021, the improving level of client satisfaction reached a very high rate across all our core businesses. The Net Promoter Score (NPS), considered to be an important indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty, improved with 12 out of 25 scores increasing and more than half above market average.

Boursorama is the undisputed leader in online banking in France and the leading French bank in terms of Net Promoter Score with a recommendation rate of 86% in 2021. 

Customer satisfaction: A priority

Customer satisfaction and centricity is one of the three transversal strategic levers of the Group's new strategic roadmap to 2025. Societe Generale has put in place a number of measurement processes to gain a full 360° overview of the quality delivered and the quality perceived by customers

Customer protection

The Group pays particular attention to issues relating to client protection, implementing strong staff training and awareness-raising initiatives, developing tools and strengthening internal rules: 

  • ensure your cybersecurity and the protection of your data
  • support you throughout the Covid pandemic;
  • an inclusive bank committed to protecting you against discriminatory practises.