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travailler avec Société Générale

Find out about our sourcing tools and learn about each step in our sourcing process, from initial contact to invoice payment.

1. Making contact

Buyers work with representatives from Societe Generale's businesses to establish a list of suppliers for each call for tenders.
Societe Generale is ready to listen to innovative proposals. Do you want to tell us about your products and services? Do not hesitate to contact us, you will always get an answer!

2. Meeting our criteria

  • Know Your Supplier (KYS): checks on financial situation, regulatory compliance and reputation

The purpose of the KYS process is to ensure that your participation in the RFPs, and partnership throughout the contract term, is compatible with the regulatory obligations and the social commitments of the Group. Therefore, Societe Generale performs checks on your financial situation, compliance and reputation. In this context, the Group reserves the right to ask you for any information deemed necessary.

  •  CSR assessment of suppliers and the products & services

To ensure compliance with its Responsible Sourcing strategy, Societe Generale includes specific CSR criteria in the selection of products and services in order to mitigate the environmental and social risks identified for the categories of products and services purchased. These CSR criteria are then evaluated and the score is taken into account in the selection grids of the RFP. Also, an evaluation of suppliers' environmental and social commitments and undertakings is required for some categories.

3. Participating in tenders

All competitive processes are carried out online using the sourcing tools. This approach guarantees the transparency and fairness of the requests for proposals.
In addition to price, the Group looks at the total cost of ownership, including factors linked to quality, deadlines and related costs (maintenance, training, recycling, etc.)

4. Invoicing

  • Invoice compliance

Invoices must be sent to the address specified in the contract (with the order reference and/or the contract number) or supplied by the client contact (with the paying account and the name of the sponsor).

  • Invoice payment

Societe Generale is committed to reducing payment terms to under 30 days for invoices that conform to the Group's payment policy. To enable us to fulfil this commitment, all invoices must be sent in digital format.

Two simple solutions are available to send your digital invoices:
• The Tradeshift platform. No installation is required, just click on the link
• Send your invoices in PDF format to the email address:

To aid the rapid processing of your invoices please consult the Suppliers Billing Guidelines.

  • Tracking invoices  

The TradeShift platform allows you to follow every stage of the payment process of your invoice as well as real-time communication. 
For any further question about invoice processing, contact the dedicated team at +33 (0)1 42 14 50 50 and on the My E-Finance portal

5. Developing our relations

The Global Account Program helps the Group deepen its relationship and work with you to identify opportunities for future expansion.

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