Corporate & Social Responsability
Positive local impact

Positive local impact

The Group acts to support the positive transformations of local regions, their ecosystems and their infrastructures by supporting local businesses, working to develop sustainable cities and promoting solidarity-based finance, among others.

Working to meet entrepreneurs’ needs

Historically, Societe Generale has always been the bank for entrepreneurs. Seeking to develop fruitful partnerships with our business and professional clients, we provide them with a specialised local network. The expertise of our dedicated regional business centres and the SG Entrepreneurs programme, which supports manager-shareholders from regional hubs, illustrate this commitment. 

Professional clients benefit from the full support of two expert advisers — one for their professional needs and the other for their personal lives. In response to the specific needs of entrepreneurial clients, Societe Generale was the first French bank to offer an instant payment service that can be used throughout the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) zone.

To contribute to local economic dynamism, the Group offers an Environmental and Social Loan (Prêt Environnemental et Social, PES) in France to support initiatives that respect the environment, sustainable development and the social role of companies.

Key figures

  • Environmental and social loans (PES) originated in France in 2022

    €  443.5 m

Enabling the transition to sustainable cities

The future of cities will be sustainable, inclusive and smart. As a partner of several flagship projects, our Group is investing to play our part in the construction of these cities. SOGEPROM, the Group’s Real Estate development subsidiary, is a responsible actor, committed to reducing its carbon footprint by guaranteeing green building practices and furthering the wellbeing of residents. 

SOGEPROM focuses on five key indicators: reducing the carbon footprint of its programmes, factoring the circular economy and innovation into its choice of materials, incorporating water efficiency into its water management strategy, respecting biodiversity and achieving the highest levels of certification. Specifically, the business has been selected to create the Aire des Vents section of the media village for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. After the Games, the site will be converted into a residential neighbourhood with both urban and natural spaces focusing on proximity, exchange and a friendly atmosphere.

LaVilleE+®, a subsidiary of Societe Generale group, is a real estate startup dedicated to sustainable cities that specialises in Urban Planning Advisory Services. The subsidiary helps develop smart and sustainable cities for public and private contractors with regional projects involving real estate or, more specifically, mobility — projects whose development generates a positive impact.


Supporting the sustainable development of the African continent

The Group is supporting the African continent with its fair, environmentally-friendly and inclusive transition. Put simply, a sustainable and positive transition, drawing its strength from one conviction: the demographic and economic development of the continent – with its talent, natural resources and infrastructure projects – is a key issue of this millennium.

Societe Generale in Africa

Societe Generale is the leading French bank financing infrastructure in Africa, whether in energy, transport, telecoms networks, healthcare or elsewhere. The infrastructure sector, a key element of the continent's development, is growing at over 5% per year. The Group contributes to its growth by continually developing structured finance options.

In Benin for example, Societe Generale acted as Joint Sustainability Structuring Advisor and Joint Bookrunner on an innovative €500 million transaction, the first ever sustainable bond issue in Africa and one of the first in the world.

Key figures

  • Increase in annual loan origination to African SMEs between 2020 and 2025


Engaged for positive transformation

Societe Generale is recognised for our support of sustainable economic development players: not-for-profits, co-operatives, social and solidarity economy companies, and more. 

With many years of involvement in the field of solidarity-based finance, our Group is responding to the growing interest shown by savers and investors by fully playing our role as an intermediary with a range of dedicated products. Societe Generale has developed a responsible and innovative financing and investment solutions offer that contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, promoting activities that have a positive impact on the development of the economy and society. 

More and more individual clients are seeking meaning in their investments. To satisfy this need, the Group is developing responsible and positive impact product offerings through 20 funds labelled as Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) or environmentally oriented. In 2021, Societe Generale Private Banking launched a dedicated discretionary management solution, invested up to 90% in the Group’s SRI-labelled funds. Societe Generale Assurances also offers BoursoBank clients subscription to its new individual retirement savings plan, called Malta, which provides access to a range of SRI-certified funds.