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Published on 16/09/2021
Ready to switch to electric?

Ready to switch to electric?

Let’s move on with ALD Automotive

The concern for air pollution and climate change is growing and accordingly, corporate CO2 emission reduction objectives will contribute to the necessary global effort. Corporate fleets can represent up to 50% of corporates’ internal emissions, leasing industry studies say. Obviously, reducing fleet emissions is key to meet climate goals and electrification is then a key enabler to make an impact. 

Needless to say, our world is changing fast, the legislation and regulation are thus evolving with, for example, attractive government incentive policies to help companies accelerate their energy transition.

Planets are aligning for a strong electric momentum and ALD Automotive is well positioned as a valued partner to accompany companies in making this transition simple and accessible, enabling them to be ahead of the curve.

Leading sustainable mobility provider, ALD Automotive uses several levers to accelerate electrification with a 360° approach. 

Part of its strategic development plan, Move 2025, ALD Automotive aims to increase its share of electric vehicles in new car deliveries over the next decade. Indeed, 30% of new deliveries will be for green vehicles by 2025 and 50% of new deliveries will be Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) by 2030.

As Europe moves to reduce its vehicle-related emissions to meet upcoming deadlines, investment in EV charging infrastructure is also a crucial step. So, to make the transition simple, the company will offer an end to end integrated EV product which includes access to charging facilities at home, at the office or on the road. 

To make an extra mile and because the transition will also require a significant shift in processes and driver behavior, ALD will provide energy transition advisory support to its clients with an electrification expertise and dedicated tools. 

Convinced that joining forces with partners is a great progress accelerator, ALD Automotive has extended its network of innovative electric partnerships with Tesla and Smart for digital full leasing services, as announced few days ago. 

The mobility world is undergoing major transformations which are reshaping the industry and ALD is well positioned to address the challenges and shape the future of sustainable mobility.

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