Understanding our first quarter 2020 results

Frédéric Oudéa's editorial

In the face of the unprecedented health, economic and social crisis we are experiencing, our teams worldwide have shown determination and unwavering tenacity in a truly exceptional mobilisation. Based on our strong sense of responsibility, the Group’s commitment is threefold: firstly, to protect the health of our clients and our staff by applying security measures in all of our sites and activities; secondly, to ensure the continuity of our services as a business of vital importance; and thirdly, to support our staff, clients, suppliers and all our partners during this especially difficult period.

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Coronavirus crisis: Societe Generale makes available loans guaranteed by the French state

In partnership with the French State and Bpifrance, Societe Generale proposes loans with a French state guarantee to its clients (Professionals and Coporates) affected by the Coronavirus crisis loans with a French state guarantee. These loans, granted at cost price and with a up to 90% guaranteed by the French State, will help support the company cash-flows that have been weakened by the crisis. The one year loans can represent up to three months of turnover excluding tax. At the end of the first year, the client can either repay the loan or amortize it over one to five additional years.

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Our responsible commitments to help address the crisis

Societe Generale is engaged on three fronts: firstly, helping to stem the epidemic by applying security measures in all of its sites and activities; secondly, ensuring the continuity of its services as an business of vital importance; and thirdly, supporting all of its stakeholders, staff, clients, suppliers, communities and partner associations during this difficult period.

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Societe Generale Assurances commits to accompany policyholders and support the economy

Societe Generale Assurances has decided to adopt a series of exceptional measures for the benefits of its insurance clients and affirms its willingness to contribute to the solidarity effort. These measures are estimated to be over €100 million.

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Meeting to be held behind closed doors

The Societe Generale Annual General Meeting of 19 May, 2020 will be held at 4.00pm CET without the physical presence of its shareholders given the measures limiting public gatherings due to the health situation in France. In the context of the public health crisis, Societe Generale will be particularly attentive to the respect of shareholders’rights and will look after the quality of the shareholder dialogue, in particular via the vote by post or by Internet (VOTACCESS), and the procedure for written questions. As every year, the webcast of the Annual General Meeting will be available via our website.

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Expert view

Macro-economic analysis by Michala Marcussen : Policy needed for recovery

Governments around the world are gradually preparing to lift non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI) and with that attention is turning to the shape of the recovery. In the immediate future, gradualism is set to be the keyword, with a new set of health precautions and health-driven behaviours likely to remain in place until an effective treatment or vaccine emerges in the fight against Covid-19.

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Our clients play their part during the crisis

Committed to hospitals in their region

Jacquart & Fils is a family business in the Hauts-de-France region that has been manufacturing mattresses and bedding for the past 70 years. They employ up to 170 members of staff during times of high business activity and in 2019, their thee factories manufactured more than 380,000 mattresses and box springs for the French market.

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EdTech ensures students can continue their education

To help fight the crisis, ENACO decided to make their digital campus available free-of-charge to secondary schools and higher education establishments. Having trained more than 25,000 French-speaking students in 88 countries, ENACO is France's leading online business school. The school offers 60 Degree and Diploma courses in Business, Marketing, Management, Finance and HR.

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Worldwide solidarity programme

In response to the Coronavirus crisis, Societe Generale is actively engaged around the world. The Group is supporting the initiative "All United Against Coronavirus” and strengthening its commitments to associations which are partners of its corporate foundation through numerous initatives and projects in France and around the globe. The Bank continues this engagement with the launch of a dedicated programme for Africa. Its first step is a donation of €1.5 million to the association Médecins sans Frontières.

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