Published on 14/09/2021

Over 10,000 employees stepping up to support young people

Throughout the month of September, more than 10,000 Group employees are walking, running or cycling each day. This global impulse, in over 50 countries, is a sporting and connected team challenge. But it is also and above all a solidarity challenge. The aim is indeed to support local and international associations working in the field to promote young people’s education and professional integration.

This global initiative marks a new stage in Societe Generale's commitment to young people. The Group offers dedicated solutions wherever the retail bank is present, including promotional offers for new baccalaureate holders.

Its workforce is another strong engagement lever. Employees are thus called upon to help young people throughout the year through, for example, mentoring actions, skills sponsorship or by taking on young interns, particularly from disadvantaged areas. These actions are all the more important in recent months as the under-25s have been severely tested by the COVID-19 crisis. In this context, CEO Frédéric Oudéa had himself called to action in March, alongside 160 public figures in France.

Finally, through its new corporate “The future is you” Foundation, Societe Generale intends to continue to strengthen its action and resources to support young people in building their future. "We believe in the potential of each individual and we want to act to promote equal opportunities in France and internationally, particularly in Africa," explains Mathilde Lerosier. Invited to the 3Zeros Forum (zero exclusion, zero carbon, zero poverty) in early September in Paris, the head of solidarity patronage reaffirmed the key role of education in creating the world of tomorrow. A conviction shared by the Group's employees which can be verified daily. Tune in with the #MoveForYouth hashtag to support them on social networks!

Move For Youth
International charity challenge

Over 10,000 staff volunteers
Over 2300 teams
50 countries
Meeting a challenge of over 100,000 km

Get acting, be involved, all with your phone together supporting over 35 local & international charities working to help young people.