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A solid partnership with Parasport 

Since 2003, Societe Generale has been building a solid partnership with the Fédération française Handisport (FFH), France’s parasport federation, whose mission is to offer appropriate sporting activities to anyone with a physical or sensory disability, and to provide a structure for such activity. From leisure through to elite levels, the Group provides support for:

  • regional and departmental committees and clubs,
  • the organisation of national and international events on French soil,
  • the  France parasport teams,
  • the development of youth sport. The Challenge Société Générale Handi-jeunes competition awards annual prizes for the organisations with the strongest involvement.

As a partner of the Federal Commission and the French national wheelchair rugby team since 2019, Societe Generale has chosen to provide particular support for this discipline.
These partnerships illustrate the Group's commitments, and in particular its team spirit – a value that lies at the heart of its DNA.

80% of disabilities are not visible

  • 9.6M

    state they have a disability

  • 35,000

    licensed parasport players

  • 24

    sporting disciplines managed by the FFH

  • 1,400

    parasport clubs or branches in France

Supporting the athletes that make France proud 

Every two years, Societe Generale partners with France's parasport teams for the Paralympic Games. This worldwide event – which takes place 15 days after the able-bodied Olympic games – gives a remarkable boost to the profile of parasport through the success and performance of the athletes of the French teams.

In addition, Societe Generale is involved in the media promotion of the parasport movement through these events, with extensive behind-the-scenes coverage of French competitors and their results, particularly via the Tous Handisport (Parasport for all) Twitter account.

Societe Generale supports six elite athletes:

  • Marie Bochet, eightfold Paralympic champion of Alpine Skiing, and multiple world champion,
  • Perle Bouge, Paralympic silver medallist for Rowing, and world champion,
  • Jonathan Hivernat, captain of the French wheelchair rugby team and champion of Europe,
  • Ugo Didier, Paralympic silver medallist for swimming and world champion,
  • Yasser Musunganya, under 20s world champion of wheelchair athletics,
  • Arthur Bauchet, three-time Paralympic champion of Alpine Skiing and multiple world champion.

These Societe Generale ambassadors take part in conferences and awareness-raising initiatives on behalf of employees and clients across the whole of France.

Marie Bochet, Paralympic ski champion

Practicing sport at the highest levels requires significant personal commitment. Societe Generale has been actively supporting Marie Bochet since 2010, ensuring she has the best training environment and allowing her to do so whilst also continuing her studies.
Eightfold Paralympic gold medallist multiple world champion of Para Alpine Skiing, Marie recently added a gold medal to her list of achievements at the Pekin Games. Societe Generale is proud to support this exemplary athlete.
Marie Bochet
Perle Bouge

Photo credit:  Boris Sensamat – Côté Sud photo

Perle Bouge, world parasport rowing champion

Supported by Societe Generale since 2014, Perle Bouge became the sculling world champion of para-swimming in 2018. Perle remains determined to win a gold medal at the Games after securing two Paralympic medals (in London and Rio) and winning 9th place in Japan in September 2021.

In parallel to her sporting career, Perle is a Technical and Sports Manager at the French Disabled Sport Federation (FFH ), and sits on the Regional Disabled Sport Committee of France's Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Jonathan Hivernat, Captain of the French Wheelchair Rugby team

Jonathan Hivernat has been a Societe Generale ambassador since 2017. He is the captain of the French wheelchair rugby team and became the champion of Europe in February 2022 in Paris. He was awarded the title of Best European Player on this occasion. He has won French champion many times playing for his club Stade Toulousain and was also victorious at the "Coupe de France’"

Jonathan Hivernat

Photo credit: Léo-Paul Ridet - Lumento 

Ugo Didier
photo credit: Grégory Picout

Ugo Didier, world champion parasport swimmer

Supported by Societe Generale since January 2020, Ugo is an exceptional world-champion swimmer, winning two medals (silver and gold) at the Tokyo Olympics.

A member of the French national parasports team since 2017, he lives and trains in Toulouse. In addition to his sporting life, he is also an engineering student at the INSA engineering college in Toulouse.


Yasser Musanganya, under-20 World Champion in wheelchair athletics

Supported by Societe Generale since January 2020, Yasser is a strong challenger for the wheelchair sprint (100m, 200m, 400m) and middle distance (800m).

He lives and trains in Tours, France.

Yasser Musanganya
Photo credit: FFH
Arthur Bauchet
Photo credit: Grégory Picout

Arthur Bauchet, paralympic ski champion

Supported by Societe Générale since 2021, Arthur is the world n°1 in his category. Member of the skiing club of Serre Chevalier, he is skiing since 5 years old despites a rare genetic disease. A silver medallist at the 2018 Games, he became a triple Paralympic Champion at Pekin this winter.



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