Responsible Employer
Published on 07/03/2019
Young people

Young people


The future is especially in the hands of young generations. It is our responsibility to help them build it, notably by accompanying their projects with offers and services tailored to their needs. We also have to accompany them beyond our banking profession, notably by supporting all actions that benefit their professional integration in association with our Corporate Foundation. Open day to discover the corporate world, internships to assist their orientation, financial education and the development of digital skills are examples of actions we undertake to help them envisage and best prepare their future.

Young people are the future, they make the future. Our responsibility is to provide them with the tools to best prepare their future and enable them to have a positive impact on the world.

Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer

OPEN SG: a window on the corporate world

#OPENSG is a series of actions and partnerships in France and abroad whose aim is to create ties between the company and young people. Opening Societe Generale’s doors means allowing young people to familiarise themselves with the work universe, enabling them to discover banking professions and thus to help them envisage and prepare their future.

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Digital technology is indispensable for young generations

The digital revolution is accelerating, changing the world. Everyone’s practices are evolving and digital technology is everywhere, both in people’s work lives and in their personal lives. Digital skills have become indispensable. The Group and the Societe Generale Foundation are committed to ensuring that young people aren’t left behind by this revolution. It is our responsibility to accompany them so that they can appropriate the codes of digital technology, thus providing them with the tools for their future professional integration. Partner of the Grande Ecole du Numérique digital school, as well as numerous initiatives such as the IT School, we have many actions that are aimed at young people as well as our members of staff.

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