Societe Generale opens its doors to young people

Societe Generale opens its doors to young people and students in France and around the world to better understand the bank and discuss with them what will be the company of tomorrow. Our educational responsibility takes many forms, particularly through strong partnerships such as the one in France with the National Youth Days. This platform, a real link between education and business, federates and values ​​the actions carried out by the entire collective made up of entrepreneurs, public and associative actors, artisans, employers' organizations, professional federations: more than 200,000 young people, 6,000 meetings since its creation. Through the actions of the Foundation and the Artistic Patronage, visits and meetings are organized throughout the year. This commitment is reflected in all our subsidiaries and activities around the world particularly in Africa.

committed with young people in France

Societe Generale opens its doors to young people

Partner of the Journées Nationales Des Jeunes (National Youth Day), Societe Generale opens its doors to young people and students in France and around the world to enable them to better understand banking and discuss what tomorrow’s company will look like. Workshops, meetings, visits relating to key topics such as cybersecurity, financial education, learning how to code, sustainable mobility, … The aim of this 8th day of national activities was to promote the professional integration of young people and encourage interaction between the academic and corporate worlds. This year the key theme was self-confidence. #OpenSG

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Claudine Schellino : "I have faith in young people"

France’s National Youth Days allow young people, teachers and entrepreneurs to meet each other in the field and discover little-known professions; the goal is to help them confidently and consciously prepare their future together. Spearheading this project launched 8 years ago, Claudine Schellino assesses these meetings.

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Promoting youth integration must be a priority

French essayist and economist Nicolas Bouzou has a confident view of the future. He believes young people can continue the considerable progress made in recent years. However, this requires everything being done to promote their integration.

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Societe Generale opens their doors internationally

Many operations all around the world

For the French National Day for Children and Youth, Societe Generale’s African subsidiaries SGBS (Société Générale de banques au Sénégal), SGMA (Société Générale Maroc), UIB (Tunisia), Société Générale Madagasikara (Société Générale Madagascar), Hanseatic Bank (Germany), Rosbank (Russia), BRD (Roumania), and SGGH (Société Générale Ghana) responded with local Open SG initiatives.

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