With just a few weeks to go before the start of Rugby World Cup 2015, meet the teams behind the teams!

"It will really be a spectacular rugby event for more than a month"

Meet former international players and world champions, all Societe Generale Ambassadors, as they prepare for Rugby World Cup 2015.

"It's a genuine human experience!"

Since July in Marcoussis (near Paris), the French national team is having a fantastic preparation ahead Rugby World Cup 2015.

"It will be a sharing experience with people"

Meeting with Societe Generale volunteers of the ʺPackʺ for Rugby World Cup 2015.

"In terms of energy and motivation, everybody wakes up in the morning knowing that on the 18th of September it all kicks off!"

England Rugby 2015, the organisers of Rugby World Cup 2015, talk us through the preparations of this major sporting event. We met them at their headquarters at Webb Ellis House in Twickenham.

Meet the staff at Sportfolio, the official clothing supplier of the Rugby World Cup

"The volunteers are the face of the Rugby World Cup"

Philippe Chaput works for Societe Generale in London. He is also one of the Rugby World Cup 2015 "Pack" volunteers. Eager for the festivities to start, he is already preparing and building up to a wonderful rugby experience of fun, competition and success in which he has a real part to play.

"The volunteers are the face of the Rugby World Cup, together we'll contribute to the event's success by helping with the organisation, accompanying spectators and letting the rugby players get on with what they do best..." And it is with this goal in mind that Philippe is getting ready for the World Cup.

Already heavily involved in volunteer work and a real rugby fan, Philippe also put together a team for last year's Citizen Commitment Games, an internal event dedicated to  raising money for the Group's partner charities. Since then his team has continued to play minor-league rugby in England: "We're definitely getting better, although we're clearly not always the best!" He has also trained to be a rugby coach and so became a volunteer coach in the club his 6-year old son plays in. As such, Philippe was clearly meant to be a Rugby World Cup volunteer! Following a number of interviews and a long wait, he has now been confirmed as one of the 6,000 volunteers (chosen out of 20,000 applicants) ready to do all they can "to make sure everything goes really well".

Indeed, whatever specific role each volunteer is given: "what's important is being there to help people. And it's all worth it when you get a smile or thanks! Rugby is just one big family!" And it's with his family and his rugby-playing 6-year old son that Philippe intends to make the most of the Rugby World Cup. And which country will he be supporting? This London-based Frenchman will find it hard to choose between France and England…