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Published on 14/09/2023

Rugby World Cup 2023: 100 flag bearers selected

Thousands of spectators were cheering, focused and proud despite floodgates of emotions spreading all over the stadium. The young flag-bearer were the first ones to step out onto the pitch during the Rugby World Cup 2023 (RWC 2023). Who are they? And how were they selected? 

A Major Partner of the tournament, Societe Generale is involved in the organization of the flag-bearer operation. Building on its commitment to rugby and youth, the Group launched a competition relayed by the French Rugby Federation (FFR) and 13 regional leagues. The aim was to enable young licensees across France to become flag bearers for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. The Societe Generale initiative thus embodies its commitment to amateur clubs, allowing members to attend matches of the third world sporting event, and even to choose a flag bearer among them. This "golden" opportunity brings a sparkle to both the children's eyes and those of their educators, who have the good fortune to accompany them.

“Amaury was so glad when he learned that he would be a flag bearer. But I think I am even more so than he is, because I realize how unique this is for our club. Having access to this is incredible” said Sylvain, an educator at the Guer Coëtquidan Rugby club. 

This way, around 100 licensees aged 8 to 12 will benefit from the initiative. On this occasion, they will proudly wear the socks of the club they represent in front of their classmates and educators, all invited by Societe Generale to share this exceptional moment together. A total of 2,400 seats were offered to around 100 clubs, celebrating the amateur rugby that Societe Generale supports in all French territories. 

“It’s great for us, we’re so happy! I started [baby] rugby at the age of 3 and I’ve already seen a lot of matches in Brittany, but this is the first time I’ve come here [to the Stade de France] to see Georgia and Australia!” added the little boy, who can’t wait to see his teammate carry the Georgian flag. 

The program for the flag bearers includes going behind the scenes at the stadium, receiving their official uniforms, discovering the players’ tunnel, repeating the team’s entry activity – all interspersed with memorable photos – before finally walking on the stadium lawn alongside rugbymen for the national anthem ceremony and then joining their comrades in the stands. 

“I wanted to thank you warmly for last night. It was an incredible evening for the whole club delegation! The children had a blast, made noise from start to finish and were like crazy. And Paul, the flag bearer, let me tell you... He had stars in his eyes, just like his father. In addition, France has imposed itself, so what a night! It was an incredible opportunity for our club thanks to Societe Generale.” concluded Basile, Head of CA Orsay Rugby Club. 

Together, everything is possible.

Did you know?
The Irish team presented two flags at the RWC 2023 last weekend: the "Irish Tricolor" flag, representing the Republic of Ireland, and the "Flag of  Ulster", representing the region of Ulster containing the whole of Northern Ireland.  There were three flag bearers at the XV du Trèfle matches.