Understanding our 2014 Q1 results

Frédéric Oudéa's editorial

In Q1 14, Societe Generale continued with its transformation strategy and demonstrated the robustness of its customer-focused banking model. In an economic climate which remains uncertain, the Group posted a favourable operational performance on the whole. The commercial business continued to perform well, in particular in Retail Banking. Thus in France, against the backdrop of a slow economic improvement, the expansion of the customer base and deposits remained strong. Revenue remained stable year-on-year (despite the drop in interest rates and the decline in overdraft fees imposed by French banking law).

2014 Q1 key figures

  • EUR 5.8bn* (+3.3% vs. Q1 13)
    Group revenues

  • -27.1%** vs. Q1 13
    Sharp decline in the cost of risk

  • EUR 1.3bn* (+72.8% vs. Q1 13)
    Improved operating income

    * Excluding non-economic items (revaluation of own financial liabilities and DVA – debt value adjustment implemented following the application of IFRS 13).

  • EUR -0.5bn
    Goodwill write-down on Russian activities Group net income* reduced by EUR 941M to EUR 416M

  • EUR 0.3bn
    Book Group net income

  • 10.1% Basel 3 Common Equity Tier 1 Ratio

    ** When adjusted for changes in Group structure and at constant exchange rates. The variations for revenues excluding the effect of the revaluation of own financial liabilities disregard any currency impact of this revaluation.

Results by business

In Q1 2014, Societe Generale provided further confirmation of the positive operating momentum of its activities, with solid revenues, stable costs and a lower cost of risk.

French Retail Banking
International Retail Banking & Financial Services
Global Banking & Investor Solutions
Corporate Center

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