An ESG approach recognised by extra-financial agencies

Published on 21/01/2021

Societe Generale has for the first time achieved A1 +, the highest rating awarded by the extra-financial agency Vigeo Eiris. In addition to the environmental and governance categories, this rating particularly underlines the Group's commitment to social matters, including human resources and financial inclusion. 

This upgrade concludes a series of best-in-class ratings from across the extra-financial rating agencies which recognise Societe Generale’s leadership in sustainable finance and corporate responsibility.

Societe Generale's extra-financial performance is an integral part of the value of the company. It is regularly assessed and rated by extra-financial rating agencies which publish analyses of our performance which in turn help our investors in their investment selection. Societe Generale regularly engages with its investors in order to present its strategy and results, including on environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes. The Group strives, through a spirit of data transparency and engagement, to obtain ratings that best reflect and recognise its actions and values in ESG​​. Since 2001, Societe Generale has consistently maintained a good position among extra-financial assessments and sustainability indices. In 2020, its extra-financial ratings were among the leaders in the banking sector, including top 1% worldwide by Vigeo Eiris (A1+), top decile by ISS ESG (C+ Prime) and top 14% by MSCI (AA). Societe Generale ranks in the first decile of the RobecoSAM ranking with a place of 25th worldwide, after having been ranked world number 1 in Environment in 2019.

In 2020, extra-financial agencies particularly valued human capital positively in their Societe Generale ratings. The Societe Generale group is ranked No. 1 worldwide for human capital (responsibility towards employees) by Vigeo Eiris and in the top 5% by Sustainalytics and ISS ESG. Aspects of corporate governance and cybersecurity practices are also well considered across the agencies.

Societe Generale is focused on continuous progress and continues to review its commitments on a daily basis to achieve the highest standards in terms of culture and ethics, governance, environment, human rights or social policies. Alongside its leading extra-financial ratings, Societe Generale is selected into the main Global and European sustainability indices.  It is also present in a significant number of SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) funds.