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Published on 18/10/2023

The start of the competition!

4 periods of 8 minutes. 12 seconds to cross the centreline, 40 seconds to score. One goal: to outplay the opponent and get the ball behind the try line as many times as possible. Are you ready to live the International Wheelchair Rugby Cup Paris 2023 from 18 to 22 October? Societe Generale has been an Official Partner of the French Parasports Federation since 2003.

On Tuesday, 18 October, Australia, current World Champion, will face Canada for the opening game of the competition. Jonathan Hivernat, Societe Generale Parasports Ambassador and France’s team captain, along with his teammates will play their first match of the competition on the same day, at 5pm, against the USA. The results of their 3 pool stage matches will determine whether they qualify for the semi-finals on 21 October, then the finals on 22 October. Watch the official clip of the competition! 

The French Parasports Federation and Societe Generale

As a Partner of the French Parasports Federation for 20 years, and of the Federal Committee and the French Wheelchair Rugby team since 2019, Societe Generale supports and promotes the practice of parasports on every field. 

Supporting top-level athletes, among which Jonathan Hivernat, captain of the Wheelchair Rugby French team, Societe Generale naturally became an Official Partner of the International Wheelchair Rugby Cup 2023. This competition takes places from 18 October until 22 October, during the Rugby World Cup 2023, for which Societe Generale is also a Worldwide Partner.

These partnerships show our bank’s commitments, particularly towards teamwork, a fundamental value in the Group.

From the Canadian countryside to international recognition

Created in 1977 in Winnipeg, Canada, by a group of tetraplegic athletes who were looking for an alternative to wheelchair basketball, this sport includes elements from wheelchair basketball, handball and ice hockey. Wheelchair Rugby became an official medal-awarding sport at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. 

Today, Wheelchair Rugby has become an active sport with national-level programmes in over 40 countries. The IWRF (International Wheelchair Rugby Federation), now known as WWR (World Wheelchair Rugby), includes three areas: 

  • America, with 6 active countries;
  • Europe, with 14 active countries;
  • Asia and Oceania, with 6 active countries.

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