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Published on 02/12/2022
Signing the OneInThreeWomen Charter

OneinThreeWomen Charter: Taking action to end violence against women

Societe Generale, alongside the Act Against Exclusion Foundation (FACE), co-founder of the OneInThreeWomen Network, strengthens its commitment against violence against women. Created in 2018, the network now brings together numerous internationally renowned companies that all actors in this subject. On Thursday, December 1st, the Group signed the OnInThreeWomen Charter, joining the mobilization.

Societe Generale is committed to fighting violence against women alongside FACE

The Act Against Exclusion Foundation (FACE) is a public interest foundation. FACE acts as a third place for solidarity actions, bringing together public, private, and associative actors in the fight against exclusion, discrimination, and poverty.

For 29 years, FACE has been a unique meeting place for companies and public actors in these domains, making up a vast French network of socially committed companies. FACE is a original ecosystem involving the Foundation, its Community, about fifty local structures animated by hundreds of employees and competence sponsors, as well as about forty foundations under the auspices of FACE.
FACE and its community take concrete and sustainable actions that aim to answers the diverse needs of their beneficiaries. FACE promotes equal opportunities in education, access to rights, goods, and essentials services, and fights to end isolation and precarity, as well as the spiral of education inequalities.

By spreading its network, FACE ambitions to give visibility and weight to the subject of domestic violences, so that it truly becomes an issue shared by companies. FACE is a place to share information, a network to develop the links between companies and civil society.

Signing of the OneInThreeWomen Charter 

What is the Charter? 

OneInThreeWomen is the first European network of companies committed to fight domestic violence. The name OneInThreeWomen stands for the statistics of women that experienced physical and/or sexual violence at some point in their lives. These violences, most of the time inflicted by a partner or ex-partner, have serious consequences on the physical and mental health of the victims, both in their private and professional lives. Lower wages, more frequent job changes, more precarious jobs... Companies have a role to play in supporting and helping women victims of domestic violence. Co-founded by FACE with the Kering Foundation in 2018, OneInThreeWomen has been joined by L'Oréal, Korian, BNP Paribas as ambassadors. Other notable members are Carrefour, the OuiCare Solidarity Fund, the Publicis Group, SCNF, PwC, Epnak, Orange, Superga Beauty, Air France, and the French Development Agency (AFD.)

The objectives of the Charter 

  • Expand the network and have a growing number of companies join its practices and values. 
  • Raise awareness about domestic violence within companies, among their peers and stakeholders.
  • Produce and/or implement policies, tools, training, and processes for their HR services, management teams, and all employees to provide and answer when employees mention the violences they are victim of .
  • Enable colleagues to open talk and promote a supportive work environment for their co-workers victims of violence.
  • Provide access to specialised associations that can support employees experiencing domestic violence.
  • Develop a network of diverse stakeholders (private and public companies, NGOs, public institutions, unions) in order to work together on this topic.

An evening event for a committed signature

On Thursday December 1st, 2022, Societe Generale signed the OneInThreeWomen Charter at 6 p.m., in the EDF premises at Smartside, 4 rue Floréal, 75017 Paris, in the presence of Jean Castex, President of the FACE Foundation. The Group thus reaffirms its commitment to fighting against violence against women, following the example of Superga Beauty, Air France, Sanofi, La Poste, and Utopies.

Societe Generale was represented by Coralie Bianchi – Deputy Director of Social Affairs, and Marie-Béatrice Vignau-Loustau – Talent, Leadership, and Diversity Development Director & HDR Supervisor.