Societe Generale is taking another step in its innovation strategy to make the most of the latest technological breakthroughs and offer a personalised experience and better customer service through the use of data and digital technology.

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Claire Calmejane Group chief Innovation Officer

Our new strategy is based on 3 pillars, in line with the Transform to Grow plan: strengthen relationships with startups, support the business lines' digital strategies and create new business models.


To rapidly identify innovative players and trends around the world, Societe Generale is strengthening its ties with the startup and Fintech ecosystem. The Group is notably building on the work of its innovation centres of expertise in Africa, Germany, France, Israel, India, Luxembourg and the UK to help form strategic partnerships on central issues such as Open Banking and Blockchain.

Working in closer partnership with Fintech

With Fiduceo, Societe Generale became the first bank in France to acquire a fintech company. Since then, we have seen a multitude of partnerships, investments, experiments and exchanges, well beyond the borders of France. In 2015, Societe Generale's subsidiary Boursorama announced the acquisition of Fiduceo, a French online personal finance management firm. Thanks to the expertise of this fintech, we were able to develop an account aggregator firstly for the clients of Boursorama, and then for those of Crédit du Nord and Societe Generale.

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Located in The Dunes, #LePlateau is a space of 1000 m2 with 150 workstations, dedicated to startups. To encourage collaboration between internal and external project teams and French Tech ecosystems, #LePlateau offers an innovative hosting environment, provides support, and makes its resources available for external and internal startups.

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The Group is seeking to ensure its businesses benefit from key digital capacities, in particular with regards to Open Banking, Data and Artificial Intelligence, within shared cross-business centres of excellence. Capitalising on the lessons learned from the Internal Startup Call in terms of methodology, Societe Generale is setting up design centres to optimise the user experience of clients and staff alike.

1st and most advanced company in digital transformation in the eCAC40 ranking

After ranking fourth in 2014 and 2015, then third in 2016 and second in 2017, Societe Generale Group has been recognised most advanced company in terms of digital transformation in 2018, across all evaluation criteria: digital culture, technological expertise, relationships with the innovative ecosystem, security, external communication.

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The Digital Transformation of Societe Generale

Digital transformation is a key challenge for the banking sector going forward. On top of an industrial revolution, digital transformation is a cultural revolution, involving clients expecting value added, personalised services, available anytime, anywhere, on any device, and employees needing empowerment, autonomy, agility and skill acquisition to innovate and reinvent the bank of tomorrow.


Societe Generale is experimenting with disruptive technologies both within and outside of its core businesses to create new commercial models. The Group has created Societe Generale Ventures to manage the €150 million innovation fund and invest in internal and external startups, to support the development of new businesses.

Enhanced security thanks to the dynamic crypto code

How does it differ from the traditional bank card? The three numbers of the cryptogram are replaced by an integrated screen which shows a new code every hour. The data therefore becomes obsolete and cannot be used again, providing more reassurance and protection for clients. Banking fraud is increasing at a growing rate every day (more than 410 million fraudulent payments were made in 2015). This new technology offers maximum security for online purchases, which today account for more than 700 million banking transactions.

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Open a bank account online thanks to biometrics

For the first time in France, Societe Generale is giving its customers the chance to open an account online using biometric facial identification and a dynamic selfie. Ever committed to providing its customers with a first-class service, the bank is deploying this technology to simplify the banking process and reinforce personal data protection and confidentiality.

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Societe Generale's app simplifies your day-to-day life

In France, the Societe Generale App is one of the most comprehensive banking applications on the market thanks to its multiple features: account viewing and budget management, payment instruments, wire and credit transfers, a secure message service for communicating with your CRM, management of insurance policies, viewing loan details, etc. With the objective of continuously expanding its digital services, the Societe Generale App embodies the bank's determination to make banking a straightforward, convenient and efficient experience for its customers.