A new world is emerging, bringing with it challenges for all companies. At Société Générale, we are convinced that an entrepreneurial spirit is a powerful tool with which to reinvent ourselves.

Frédéric Oudéa Chief Executive Officer

New technologies, new client behaviours: we see this enthusiasm for digital solutions as an excellent opportunity to reinvent all aspect of the bank of tomorrow. An opportunity to develop new value-added services for our clients, real-time and personalised services available on a large scale.

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Societe Generale ranked No.1 for digital maturity

After ranking fourth in 2014 and 2015, then third in 2016 and second last year, Societe Generale Group has been recognised most advanced company in terms of digital transformation, across all evaluation criteria: digital culture, technological expertise, relationships with the innovative ecosystem, security, external communication.
The 5th annual eCAC40 Awards, organised by the editorial team of Les Echos Executives and Gilles Babinet, France’s Digital Champion at the European Commission, rewards French top 40 companies for their digital maturity. This first place did not happen by chance but owes everything to the extraordinary engagement of all our teams. Find out why in the dossier on the innovations serving our clients, the relations we build with the technology ecosystem and the benefits new technology is bringing.

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Improving customer service with innovation and a digital culture

We are renewing our relationship to our clients by transforming our tools and our working methods. We are reinventing our services without changing our fundamental role, that of supporting our clients as closely as possible, advising them, helping them to best manage their finances and making their daily lives easier.


Keeping up with digital evolution

The Societe Generale group has made the digital sector a key lever in transforming banking relationships established with its customers, whether they be individuals, institutions, large companies or private banking clients. To keep up with changing digital usage by consumers, Societe Generale is increasing its innovation in web and mobile services. Its customers therefore enjoy greater autonomy, simplicity and security thanks to the new tools, while continuing to receive support from our teams.

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Collaborations and exchanges with startups and FinTech

Societe Generale is constantly developing its open innovation policy, by strengthening its relationship with startups and FinTech and increasing the number of exchanges and collaborations. In doing so, the Group has two aims: to offer them its expertise and to benefit from their knowledge in terms of user experience, new technologies and methods. Improving cooperation with these players means that Societe Generale can identify, from thousands of innovative startups, those which will add value to its activities.

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Co-creation in startup mode

As part of the Group's digital transformation and thanks to its open innovation procedure, employees are increasingly developing innovative ideas, in a context of co-creation and in startup mode. In July 2017 during TechWeek, the Bank put the spotlight on its 6 technological innovation hubs, based around the topics of Cybersecurity, Big Data & Artificial intelligence, Cloud, Emerging Tech, Digital Workplace and Digital Process.

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Innovation technology hub

The Dunes is a 126,000 m2 building complex located in Val-de-Fontenay where 5000 Societe Generale employees working in technology are based. The digital focus of this hub can be seen in the tools and services deployed and the open and collaborative working methods adopted, making it representative of the Group’s digital transformation. This major building project was designed with the employees, to give them the resources necessary to invent the bank of tomorrow.