Every four years, Societe Generale is particularly prominent in the media because of its support for the Paralympic Games. However, Societe Generale works each day throughout the year to promote the integration of persons with disabilities. Sports are a great way to break down the barriers between people with disabilities and those without. The French Disabled Sports Federation (FFH - Fédération Française Handisport) endeavours to organise and support disabled sports with help from Societe Generale. The Group provides further support to this assistance by backing international and local events as well as clubs and committees.

Working alongside the French Disabled Sports Federation

Societe Generale is proud to have stood beside the French Disabled Sports Federation since 2003 and of working throughout the years to deepen our relationship based on our shared values. Regardless of the nature of the project (long-standing partnerships at the national level or specific, short-term sponsorship of an initiative or help at a local event), this partnership is the best way Societe Generale can display its team spirit, a value that is part of the bank's core DNA, through our support for all Paralympic athletes in everyday life and at major events.

Major events to promote disabled sports

The Paralympic Games are a major event for promoting disabled sports and in fact are the most important platform for encouraging the disabled to play sports. Every two years, Societe Generale allies itself with the French Paralympic team to cheer on the athletes and add lustre to France’s international image. The FFH also organises several international events for all ages in France every year. Societe Generale is committed to helping organise these competitions. In addition, Societe Generale has also set the goal of raising the awareness of its audiences, the bank's clients and employees, by inviting them to attend these exhilarating international competitions. During the last Paralympic Games in London in 2012, Societe Generale provided 150 of its customers with the opportunity to share in the enthusiasm surrounding the sporting event. For the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Societe Generale  invited 8 bloggers to the event through a competition on its Facebook page ("Tous Handisport"), giving them the opportunity to get a real insiders’ view and accompany the supporters of the French team.

Marie Bochet: a high-ranking ambassador

Competing in top-level sports requires tremendous personal commitment. To help her train under proper conditions while pursuing her studies, Societe Generale has been actively supporting Marie Bochet since 2010.

A multiple champion in para-alpine skiing who received five gold medals during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Marie continues her quest for medals at the next Games held in 2018 in South Korea.