New technologies for stronger cybersecurity

Digital accounts for 86% of our incoming contacts, with 700 million logins per year, mostly from mobile devices. Mobile has been the most-used medium since the end of 2012. This profound change in the bank’s customer relations has heightened the security challenge, which Societe Generale will address by more than doubling its IT budget for cybersecurity and investing in new technologies.

“We are investing heavily in new technologies, including in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and the blockchain, in order to enhance the protection of our customers’ data,” notes Thierry Olivier, Head of Information Systems Security

Fighting cybercrime with big data and machine learning

Cybersecurity: innovation at its purest

Cybersecurity: innovation at its purest

Given the sophistication of digital attacks, Societe Generale has made cybersecurity a central focus in order to protect its customers, their data, and its Information Systems. Questions for Thierry Olivier, Head of Information Systems Security for Societe Generale Group, on cybersecurity issues in an age when banks are undergoing a digital transformation.


Banking Cybersecurity Innovation Awards

The Banking CyberSecurity Innovation Awards are the first awards aimed at startups and innovative SMEs in the field of cybersecurity and digital confidence. More then 40 startups and SMEs from Europe participated to this first edition. The 3 winners were announced on 5 July : Alsid in the “Digitial Confidence for the Bank” category, Skeyecode in the “Digital Confidence for Customers” category and Sqreen in the “France special” category.

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Enhanced security thanks to the dynamic crypto code

Banking fraud is increasing at a growing rate every day (more than 410 million fraudulent payments were made in 2015). This new technology offers maximum security for online purchases, which today account for more than 700 million banking transactions. How does it differ from the traditional bank card? The three numbers of the cryptogram are replaced by an integrated screen which shows a new code every hour. The data therefore becomes obsolete and cannot be used again, providing more reassurance and protection for clients.

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Blockchain finance: neither mirage nor reality

"Marrying new Blockchain concepts with the financial world requires the development of underlying technologies able to cope with the constraints of financial activities, notably the levels of performance and privacy as well as the amount of regulatory information required." Christophe Van Cauwenberghe, Head of Payment Innovation, shares his views of the Blockchain.

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Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures Chair

A true task force, the Institut Mines-Télécom Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures Chair has welcomed Societe Generale as a corporate partner. “In joining this Chair, Societe Generale seeks to ensure it will have the necessary means to support the digital transformation”, explains Nicolas Bourot, Chief Information Security Officer and Operation Risk Manager for the Group’s infrastructures.

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