Promoting diversity and inclusion

Diversity is the result of all the differences, individualities that make up our society and is a natural reflection of Société Générale's organisation through its employees and the customers it serves.

Beyond the ethical and performance challenges, the Group considers diversity and inclusion to be strategic issues. Thus, Diony Lebot, Deputy Managing Director, is a Diversity and Inclusion sponsor and takes these issues to the highest level.

The Group also signed in 2015 and has renewed in 2019 an agreement with UNI Global Union on freedom of association, fundamental freedoms, living conditions at work, non-discrimination and the Duty of Care Plan in the field of human rights.

The Group employs 142 different nationalities and 58% of its employees are not French. 24% of the Management Committee’s members have an international profile.

Encouraging gender equality

The Group supports several initiatives aimed at promoting the professional careers of women, including AFRICA WOMEN 4 TECH, in which an all-female panel discusses women's representation in the digital ecosystem, and WOMEN IN BUSINESS MEETING, a unique networking and personal development event in June attended by 200 influential women in Paris.

Group commitment:

Commitments in France:

  • Agreement on gender equality in the workplace signed in 2015, then renewed on 19 December 2018, for Societe Generale SA in France
  • #StOpE, an initiative launched on 4 December 2018 including 8 commitments to combat everyday sexism at work
  • Charter of 15 commitments for a balanced work-home life signed in 2014, primarily to provide greater support for working parents

Results at a glance:

  • Each year, the Group publishes a WEP Report detailing the progress achieved on the UN Women‘s Empowerment Principles
  • For the second year in a row, Societe Generale is among the top three French banks and in 15th place for the financial sector worldwide according to the 2019 gender equality ranking by Equileap, an NGO who analysed 3,000 companies around the world
  • 90% entities covering 82% of the Group’s headcount have established policies or conduct initiatives promoting gender equality
  • Neutralisation of the impact of maternity leave and the work-life balance: on average, Group staff receive 21 weeks of maternity leave; 74% of staff working at 64 different entities enjoy employee benefits covering childcare services; In Romania, the United States, France, Spain and Brazil, Societe Generale entities offer staff at least two weeks of paternity/second parent leave.

Results at a glance in France: 

  • A budget of €7 million is earmarked for 2019-2021 to reduce unjustified wage gaps between male and female staff.
  • As required by the Avenir Act of 5 September 2018, aimed at closing the gender wage gap, Societe Generale SA France is disclosing its gender equality index, which stood at 86 points out of a total 100 points for 2019.

Caroline Guillaumin Group Head of Human Resources and Communication

This score is the result of our longstanding efforts in the fight against inequality and the promotion of a greater number of women to senior positions. We are moving in the right direction!

Integrating persons with disabilities

Societe Generale is committed to integrating persons with disabilities and implements measures to ensure that banking services are available to our customers and employees alike. These include adapting network ATMs and branches to make them disability-accessible, providing account statements in Braille, offering customer service to deaf and hearing-impaired customers, and ensuring the digital accessibility of applications.

Group commitment:

  • The Group signed the  ILO Global Business & Disability Network Charter in 2016.

Results in France at a glance:

  • 74% of Group staff have taken part in disability awareness-raising initiatives, particularly in Romania, the Czech Republic, Germany, Serbia, Spain, Algeria, India, France, Japan and the United States, since 2016.
  • In 2018, the Group employed nearly 2,600 disabled staff around the world, including more than 1,800 in France (excluding subsidiaries).
  • For the last four years in France, Societe Generale has participated in the Disability, Employment and Sustainable Sourcing trade fair, as well as European Disability Employment Week.
  • More than 4,000 disability-friendly workstations have been installed in France since 2007.

Generation balance

Societe Generale seeks to enhance cooperation between the different generations through collective bargaining agreements and special programmes, such as the OCTAVE inter-company programme, reverse mentoring and intergenerational think tank WhyLab, made up of members from Generation Y, which offers workshops centred on adapting Group projects for younger generations.


  • In 2016, Societe Generale SA France co-founded public interest group GEN (Grande École du Numérique or Elite Digital School). GEN is an accreditation body enabling people from different backgrounds (unemployed young people, Group staffseeking to advance their careers etc.) to develop digital and IT skills.
  • An agreement on changes to professions, skills and employment was signed in 2016 and renewed in 2019, calling for provisions targeting older staff members of Societe Generale SA France.

Results at a glance:

  • 55 Group establishments employing 52% of staff conduct initiatives for employees over age 50.
  • The Group places a premium on the generation balance: 23% of staff are under 30 and 26% are over 45. The average age is 37.8.
  • Special agreements and/or action plans targeting younger and older generations have been enacted through the Generation Agreement at the Group’s French subsidiaries.
  • As the No. 1 French company in terms of VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprise or International Corporate Volunteer) experience offered to recent university graduates, with nearly 620 jobs per year offered in 39 countries, Societe Generale received Business France’s “Best VIE Recruiter” award for the fourth year in a row in 2018.
  • Societe Generale SA set a goal of recruiting 900 staff under the age of 26 on permanent contracts for the 2017-2018 period, which it largely exceeded with a final total of 1,821 staff recruited.

Social inclusion

In addition to the initiative undertaken by the Societe Generale Foundation to establish social inclusion and inclusive financing programmes, Societe Generale’s efforts in this area have resulted in:

  • implementation of integration programmes,
  • funding for inclusive programmes,
  • equal opportunity programmes at high schools in priority-education districts, in partnership with Societe Generale SA France’s targeted French universities and institutes,
  • participation in an integration programme for qualified refugees.

The Group and Simplon, a social entreprise, also teamed up to create an inclusive school for recruitment purposes in 2018. ITSCHOOL by Société Générale & Simplon trains unemployed people and Societe Generale staff seeking to switch to a digital career to become developers. The school is free and graduates earn professional accreditation.


  • The Charte Entreprises & Quartiers”(Businesses & Districts Charter by the French Ministry of Urban Affairs) was signed for Societe Generale SA France in 2013.

Results at a glance:

  • Inclusion programmes and funding for inclusive programmes and subsidised contracts at 16 local associations totalling nearly €300,000.
  • Integration programmes (professional accreditation contracts in the French Retail Banking division, with nearly 80% becoming permanent employment contracts for Societe Generale’s “Second Chance” programme initiated in 2015 for the Retail Banking division and ALD Automotive).
  • 3 refugees recruited under professional accreditation contracts in Compliance posts in 2018.


As part of its global policy on non-discrimination and diversity, the Group is committed to creating an inclusive culture that respects human rights and to fighting  discrimination against LGBTI people in the workplace. With Pride & Allies, which brings together our employees from all countries to support and promote equal rights for LGBTI employees, the Group continues to develop this policy and offers everyone the opportunity to act.

Our commitments:

  • Support for the UN guidelines on combating LGBTI discrimination in the working environment.

Some of our results around the wolrd:

  • Hong Kong: Bronze (2017) and Gold (2019) awards obtained from the benchmark of companies' LGBT+ policies and practices, carried out by "Community Business Index+". Many visible results in our entities in Hong Kong: click here for more information
  • USA: "Best workplace for LGBTQ equality" award with a maximum score of 100% on the Corporate Equality Index, a benchmark of companies' LGBTQ policies and practices.