Occupational health and safety

Beyond corporate responsibility, Societe Generale is committed to protecting people so that every employee can work under the best possible conditions of health, safety and well being.

The Group is committed to creating a respectful and safe working environment and 
actively seeks to offer its employees tools to help balance and reconcile their work with their private lives. 

Faced with the current health crisis and its human, economic and social impacts in France and around the world, Societe Generale has contributed to containing the pandemic by applying the strictestsecurity measures at all its sites and in all its activities, ensuring business continuity as a vital operator, and supporting all its employees during this difficult period.

Specific measures have been implemented in all countries where the Group operates.

Providing the best possible occupational health and safety conditions

  • A group policy to put our commitments into practice 
  • An agreement with UNI Global Union to strengthen the group’s commitment
  • The life at work programme: efforts to improve the quality of life at work
  • Consideration for work life balance 
  • Initiatives to provide a respectful working environment adapted to the needs of its employees 
  • Training in occupational safety – One of the group’s priorities

Responsible commitments in response to Covid-19

  • Ensuring that all employees can continue to work in the best possible conditions 
  • Improving the medical system 
  • Combating psychosocial risks that have been accentuated by the crisis
  • Considering employees’ experience when defining working arrangements