Occupational health and safety

Beyond corporate responsibility, Societe Generale is committed to protecting people so that every member of staff can work under the best possible conditions of health, safety and well-being.

The Group is committed to creating a respectful and safe working environment and actively seeks to offer our staff tools to help balance and reconcile their work with their private lives: 

Providing the best possible occupational health and safety conditions

  • A Group policy to put our commintments into practice
  • An Agreement with UNI Global Union to strenghten the Group’s commitment
  • Consideration for work/life balance
  • The Group’s commitment to providing a respectful working environment adapted to the needs of its employees

Protecting people

  • Social protection that will ultimately cover every member of staff
  • Prevention and information measures to promote individual and collective health
  • Prevention and information measures to combat psychosocial risks
  • Training in occupational safety, one of the Group’s priorities