Published on 19/10/2023

Appointment of François Bloch as Head of International Retail Banking for Africa, Mediterranean Basin & Overseas

Societe Generale announces the appointment of François Bloch as Head of International Retail Banking for Africa, Mediterranean Basin & Overseas.

François Bloch will take his new position on 1 November 2023, replacing Laurent Goutard who will leave the Group in 2024 to pursue new professional and personal projects. François will report to Delphine Garcin-Meunier, Head of Mobility and International Retail Banking & Financial Services.

François Bloch joined the Group more than 30 years ago. He has held several key positions within International Retail Banking. He was First Deputy Chairman of Rosbank in Russia from 2012 to 2016. After that, he was Chief Executive Officer of BRD in Romania until September 2023. In both countries, he successfully transformed the bank’s operating model to improve profitability and efficiency while also successfully developing commercial activities. In Romania, he also accelerated the rollout of BRD’s digital offer.

His experience in retail and corporate banking, and his in-depth management knowledge of Societe Generale’s international subsidiaries, will be major assets in his new role.

As Head of International Retail Banking for Africa, Mediterranean Basin & Overseas, François will be responsible for overseeing the region's activities, optimizing the organization, and increasing its efficiency to ensure sustainable profitability. He will also ensure that risk management and compliance are carried out to the highest standard. Alongside expert and committed teams, François will be responsible for shaping a simplified, integrated and synergetic business model by strengthening proximity between the Group’s various business lines.

Pierre Palmieri, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale, said: “I am delighted with the appointment of François Bloch. His experience and leadership qualities will be key to strengthening performance, embedding a culture of responsibility, and leading the region’s activities in alignment with the Group’s ESG requirements. On behalf of Societe Generale, I would like to warmly thank Laurent Goutard for his substantial contribution to our retail banking activities during his 37-year career within the Group, in his various management positions in Europe and Africa."

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