Published on 09/05/2017

Societe Generale : worldwide partner and official bank of Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan

A longstanding partner of Rugby World Cup, Societe Generale will be supporting the Tournament for the sixth time in 2019 as a Worldwide Partner and Official Bank.

To mark tomorrow’s pool draw in Kyoto, Japan, Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale, has announced a major partnership between the Group and Rugby World Cup 2019. A key supporter of rugby, Societe Generale shares the sport's values of team spirit and commitment, making the bank a natural partner for Rugby World Cup.

This builds on the great success of Rugby World Cup 2015, held in the UK where the bank is also looking to increase its support of grass roots rugby.

The Group is proud to be associated with a major event such as Rugby World Cup - the world's third-biggest sporting event, watched by over four billion people around the world.

Frédéric Oudéa praised the partnership, which “reinforces a longstanding commitment to rugby and demonstrates the Group's forward-looking ambition to be a supporter of all forms of rugby, all around the world. Rugby embodies values that are rooted in Societe Generale's DNA: team spirit and commitment, and also the will to surpass oneself and to collectively make the difference.”

World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont said: “We are delighted to be extending our long-standing worldwide partnership with Societe Generale. A brand leader, Societe Generale shares values of integrity, respect, discipline and passion with rugby, which have been evident during an association with the sport that stretches back more than 30 years.”

Societe Generale is increasing its support to all forms of rugby through longstanding partnerships.

For more than 30 years, Societe Generale has continuously reiterated its commitment to rugby, whether it's grassroots or professional rugby, men's or women's teams, rugby union or rugby sevens.

·         At major events: With Rugby World Cup 2019, the Group is reinforcing a partnership that began at Rugby World Cup 1991.

·         With numerous federations and national leagues in France and internationally: In France, the Bank has been a partner of the French Rugby Federation and the French national team since 1987, and has supported the National Rugby League since 1998. In India, the Group is an official partner of the Indian Rugby Football Union and has been a jersey sponsor of the national rugby sevens teams since 2016.

·         At the local level: Through its network of branches in France and its international subsidiaries and locations, the Group supports community initiatives to promote the sport's development and accessibility. In France, where Societe Generale provides daily support to more than 20 regional rugby committees, nearly 500 amateur clubs receive assistance in the form of donated training equipment. The Bank also contributes to the growth of rugby in areas where the sport is not fully developed. In the Asia Pacific region, Societe Generale is also a partner to clubs in Australia, Hong Kong and India.


Shared values of team spirit and commitment are what fuel Societe Generale's initiatives in support of the development and accessibility of rugby.


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