Published on 12/12/2018

Societe Generale takes action to help strengthen purchasing power

Following yesterday's meeting at the President of France’s Elysée Palace in Paris and in a spirit of national solidarity, Societe Generale today announces the following measures:

_ A freeze on bank fees in 2019;
_ A limit of €25 per month on banking incident charges for financially-fragile customers;
_ Specific support and assistance for all customers in difficulty as a result of the recent events.

In the context of its environmental policy, the Group is also implementing specific financing measures in favour of the energy transition (electric and hybrid vehicles, clean vehicles, thermal insulation, etc.) for individual and corporate customers. These offers could notably include more advantageous prices in accordance with the principles of responsible credit and financing of the clean vehicles conversion incentive.

“In these exceptional circumstances, we want to make a contribution in our area of activity to the efforts of national solidarity to strengthen the purchasing power of French citizens in most difficulty, and to assist as best as possible any of our customers that may be experiencing difficulties because of the crisis over the recent weeks,” said Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale group.

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