Published on 18/10/2018

Societe Generale is accelerating its Cloud strategy

Societe Generale’s Cloud First strategy enables the Group’s information systems to increase their agility, openness, resiliency and efficiency in order to offer clients a wider variety of services, faster. By launching its Hybrid Cloud-based infrastructure services platform, the Group speeds up to meet its target of migrating 80% of its eligible servers to Cloud (Public or Private) by 2020.

Digital transformation lies at the heart of Societe Generale’s Transform to Grow strategic plan to seize the opportunities offered by new technologies, including Cloud computing.

Inspired by the web giants, Societe Generale adopted in 2014 a new approach for its infrastructure to shorten its time-to-market and foster innovation, and thereby better serve its clients. Societe Generale’s Cloud First strategy was initially based on a private cloud rolled out in 2015. It now uses a Hybrid Cloud environment.


A Hybrid Cloud platform

Societe Generale’s infrastructure services platform integrates multiple Cloud providers (Private and Public Cloud). Public Cloud provides considerable opportunities for innovation and scaling. The Group’s client data are hosted on its Private Cloud and Societe Generale works closely with the ECB to ensure the platform complies with regulations (audit, data protection and location, reversibility). It is also working on a pre-defined specific environment to ensure compliant and secure use of the services made available by the main Cloud service providers.


A centralised platform for all the Group’s business lines

60% of the Group’s infrastructure is currently in the Cloud (eligible servers). The Hybrid Cloud services platform is available since May. It was built and is managed using agile practices and offers rapid, self-service access to around ten infrastructure services and around one hundred operations can be performed through APIs via a portal shared by all the Group’s business lines.  

Tools are available to the Group’s developers to facilitate access to the platform with shared standards and architecture and development principles.

In 2020, all the Group’s infrastructure services will be fully automated and accessible. The platform will provide a consolidated view of all Private and Public Cloud services, ensuring full control over monitoring, security, compliance and cost/financial management.

Our adoption of Cloud computing goes hand in hand with the transformation of our applications and the implementation of an agile operating model. One of the challenges of this transformation is to attract talent and train our teams. It also emphasizes our need to open up to the outside world to exchange ideas with the leading Cloud players, as we did recently by inviting them to our External Advisory Board,” said Carlos Goncalves, Head of Global Technology Services at Societe Generale Group.


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