Published on 15/06/2015

Mécénat Musical Societe Generale recognises five talented young musicians at its second instrument lending competition

The auditions for the second competition organised by Societe Generale's music sponsorship association, Mécénat Musical Societe Generale (MMSG), ended with five young musicians receiving an instrument of very high-quality contemporary craftsmanship on loan for three years.

Mécénat Musical Societe Generale is all too aware of the challenges facing young musicians at the start of their career. It therefore seeks to provide them with the tools to develop their career by giving them the opportunity to play on quality instruments worthy of their ambitions.

Open to violists and cellists of all nationalities in their third year of university, or in graduate school or doctoral programmes, living in France, the competition began with a preselection phase during which applications were judged based on motivation and professional goals. 

Selected applicants had to pass an audition, on 10 and 11 June 2015, before a panel of judges consisting of music VIPs: Gérard Causse, violist and viola professor at the National Music and Dance Conservatory in Paris and at the Queen Sofía College of Music in Madrid; Françoise Gneri, violist and viola professor at the National Music Conservatory; Jean-Guihen Queyras, cellist (playing on a Gioffredo Cappa cello on loan from MMSG since 2005); Gaëlle Le Gallic, a Producer at France Musique, and chaired by Alain Meunier, cellist and President of Mécénat Musical Societe Generale.

Alain Meunier, President of MMSG, and Caroline Guillaumin, Head of Societe Generale Group Communication, awarded three violas and two cellos created by renowned luthiers, recognised as among the most talented and representative of contemporary craftsmanship:

-      A Philippe Mahu viola was awarded to Jacques Perez,

-      A Stephan von Baehr viola was awarded to Cynthia Blanchon,

-      A Jan B. Špidlen viola was awarded to Orane Murail-Zimmermann, 

-      An Antoine Cauche cello was awarded to Tomomi Hirano,

-      A Patrick Robin cello was awarded to Marion Oudin.


“Mécénat Musical Société Générale just offered three violas and two cellos to very talented people. These instruments ordered specifically to european luthiers masters will be the confidents of four young ladies and a young man, the talents of tomorrow for the few years to come.  They also know that they can rely on MMSG to make sure they can acquire their instrument should they choose to do so” commented Alain Meunier.