Published on 14/09/2015

Live from Rugby World Cup 2015, Societe Generale celebrates team spirit

The opening match of Rugby World Cup 2015 will take place at Twickenham on 18 September 2015 with the hosts England facing Fiji. Societe Generale, having been committed to rugby for almost thirty years, will be behind the scenes to share the highlights and emotions of this exceptional event of which it is one of six Worldwide Partners as well as the sole banking, financial and insurance partner.

From 18 September until 31 October 2015 the world will be oval shaped

Over a period of six weeks, the top 20 teams in the world will go head to head in a total of 48 matches in England and Wales. This Rugby World Cup 2015 will be broadcast in over 200 countries, drawing in a TV audience of more than 4 billion as well the 2.3 million spectators expected to fill the 13 stadia.

For Societe Generale, this event is the perfect opportunity to share its commitment to rugby by celebrating one of its common values - team spirit. With the launch of its ‘‘We are the bank supporting Rugby World Cup 2015'' international advertising campaign back in May, the Group has taken advantage of this major international event to develop its position of a leading European bank.


Team spirit, embodied by Jonny Wilkinson - Societe Generale's Rugby World Cup ambassador

Jonny Wilkinson is Societe Generale's ambassador for the Rugby World Cup 2015. The international recognition and the values of team spirit and collective commitment which this legendary player represents are entirely in line with the spirit in which Societe Generale approaches the Rugby World Cup.

Jonny Wilkinson will take the leading role in Societe Generale's film "Team Spirit" which will premiere at the World Cup opening match and then be broadcast in the stadia. "Team Spirit" will also appear on Societe Generale's websites and social media pages.

"In my view, Societe Generale is not just a partner; it is a key player in the rugby world. Societe Generale is part of the rugby family. By working with Societe Generale staff on a daily basis, I've experienced first-hand how deep the relationship between the bank and the game actually goes. Rugby is the sport where team spirit is the most advanced and this is a value which is extremely important within Societe Generale. I have discovered the same energy and the same state of mind in its staff as on the rugby field" explains Jonny Wilkinson.


An exceptional event to share and celebrate the love of rugby with employees, customers and fans

Thanks to Societe Generale's long-term commitment and ties with the world of rugby, the Bank has developed a dynamic and innovative digital offering which will provide front-row access to an exceptional global experience.

Societe Generale will provide rugby fans, customers and staff alike with behind-the-scenes access to the World Cup. They will have live access to the World Cup and be able to understand and make the world of rugby and its codes their own via Societe Generale’s digital experience. Four series will be available on the Group websites and on social media:

-         "Behind the scenes" is a series which highlights the work of the teams behind the scenes (supporters, partners, volunteers, players, employees, etc.);

-         "Do you speak Rugby?” is an off-the-wall, light-hearted series based on rugby vocabulary, sayings and rules which embraces the rugby culture and spirit;

-         "On the pitch with Societe Generale" will present a weekly best-of photo taken during various internal events;

-         The History Series, in partnership with Societe Generale's Historical Archives department, will present historical facts on the Group's partnership with the rugby world.

At the same time, "Living the RWC" live feed will provide live coverage of all the important events of Rugby World Cup, along with coverage of the teams of countries in which the Group is based.

Follow the event on the Group websites and

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Staff have really got behind the Rugby World Cup 2015 and in addition to broadcasting matches, a guess-the-score competition, there is also the decoration of the Group's Paris and London head offices in the colours of rugby. Some of the bank’s employees, most of which are based in London, will be among the 6,000 volunteers dedicated to making the event a success.


A love story that stretches back almost 30 years

"There is a long and happy history of partnership and mutual respect between Societe Generale and rugby. For the past 28 years, rugby has brought us together around a strong set of values embodied by the game and which are also at the heart of our approach, at all levels of the company. The core value is clearly team spirit. We believe in team strength and the qualities of cohesion. These are part of the entrepreneurial DNA of Societe Generale. This constant commitment, in all fields, naturally led us to become a major partner of Rugby World Cup. Our approach to our partnership mirrors our approach to our banking profession, favouring a long-term vision." Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale.

Societe Generale's relationship with the world of rugby goes above and beyond traditional sponsorship.

In addition to supporting the French national team on all fronts for more than 25 years, the bank also partners all forms of rugby, from local amateur clubs to major international events. No other sponsor plays such a major role in amateur rugby in France, where the branch networks support 450 regional and local clubs.

The Group, via its subsidiaries and foreign branches, also supports rugby in various other countries, including Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Senegal and Turkey. Societe Generale is also present at all the major rugby events both in France and on the international stage. The bank also promotes Rugby Sevens, a sport which is reaching out to new audiences including schools and students, and which will become an Olympic sport in 2016. These close and lasting links make the Bank the natural partner of Rugby World Cup 2015 in England and Wales.