Published on 12/02/2014

Full-year and 4th quarter 2013 results

Good performance by the businesses, balance sheet transformation completed

Group revenues: EUR 22.8bn, +4.3%* vs. 2012
- Revenues excluding the revaluation of the Group’s own financial liabilities: EUR 24.4bn, up +5.5%*. Evenly-balanced contribution from the three strategic pillars
- Cost-cutting plan: EUR 350m of savings secured for one-off transformation costs of EUR 220m
- Stable cost of risk(1) vs. 2012, increase in the Group’s coverage ratio
- Book Group net income: EUR 2.2bn, multiplied by a factor of 2.8 vs. 2012 Underlying Group net income**: EUR 3.9bn, (+15.4% vs. 2012) ROE** of 8.4% in 2013
- Basel 3 CET1 ratio of 10.0%

EPS(2): EUR 2.40
DIVIDEND: EUR 1.00 per share, paid in cash

Q4 13: GROUP NET INCOME** OF EUR 928m (+76.6% vs. Q4 12)

- Book Group net income: EUR 322m (EUR -471m in Q4 12)
- Increase in business GOI**: +44.6%*
- ROE**: 7.8% in Q4 13