Published on 12/06/2019
The digital women's day in Dakar

The digital women's day in Dakar

Digital women's day

Societe Generale is the official partner of the 1st edition of the Digital Women's Day in Africa, on June 13 and 14 in Dakar, Senegal. African Digital Women's Day (ADD) is a societal event celebrating women's innovation. Created in 2013 by "the bureau", JFD honours and connects women who are working to revolutionize the world through digital technology. This event aims to inspire and encourage women to dare, innovate and undertake.

Three main themes will be addressed for this special edition in Dakar: women, Africa and technology.

Africa: a model for women's innovation

After the success of the Paris editions of Digital Women’s Day (DWD), partnered with Societe Generale, the event is picking up stakes for the first time and heading to Dakar, Africa! This year’s theme is “Women: World Changers”. For two days, the event will promote innovation led by women in a bid to work towards a responsible, more inclusive digital society. DWD co-founder Delphine Rémy-Boutang explains this initiative in Senegal along with the major stakes and challenges of encouraging women to work in new technologies.

Startups in Africa

Innovating on the African continent

Africa is reinventing the consumption trends and patterns of the bank of the future. Going beyond what “traditional” banks can offer, high bank account and mobile penetration rates boost the development of new services and digital solutions such as electronic currencies and e-wallets. Digital technology offers Africa the opportunity to speed up its growth and enables Societe Generale to improve the experience of our corporate clients and private customers.

Startups in Africa

The faces of Africa of tomorrow

Open innovation is at the heart of our transformation strategy. Thus, the Group develops collaborations, partnerships to bring out ideas and new projects to serve our clients and the African continent. From hackatons organized with our partners Jokkalabs, and Bluenove, find shared experiences of startups who will shape the face of Africa of tomorrow.