Published on 13/03/2020

Coronavirus crisis: Societe Generale takes action to support clients

Coronavirus crisis: Societe Generale is taking action with its teams in order to support its clients in need and find the best solutions possible under these extenuating circumstances.

Societe Generale undertakes to assess the overall impact of the coronavirus crisis for its professional, SME and corporate clients, and offer them the best solutions within 48 hours. Several targeted measures have been taken to meet exceptional cash-flow requirements:

  • Clients with existing loans who are affected by the crisis will have the option of deferring payment deadlines for up to six months with no additional fee.
  • Clients in need of immediate cash flow will be offered a range of solutions with streamlined formalities.
  •  SMEs and professional clients requesting financing as a result of the crisis will receive a response within 48 hours.
  • Societe Generale will also communicate solutions offered by Bpifrance for short- and medium-term cash flow as well as restructuring existing loans.

Our advisors are committed to staying close to their clients and will be available to relay the various measures communicated by national and regional authorities.

For individual clients experiencing hardships such as partial unemployment, the bank will be flexible by allowing them to make their consumer loan and mortgage payments in instalments, with no additional fee.   

On behalf of Marie-Christine Ducholet, Head of Societe Generale Retail Banking in France "Now more than ever our clients can count on the care, proximity and expertise of our branch advisors, remote access to our platforms, and our online and app services to assist them on a daily basis. Being a banker during hard times means staying true to our values and our mission."


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