Published on 09/11/2017

Citizen Commitment Time 2017: over 7,500 Societe Generale staff worldwide engaged for solidarity

Citizen Commitment Time 2017 embodies Societe Generale's civic commitment and is an annual event that highlights its staff's engagement worldwide. Once again, the Group's staff members around the world took part, participating in sporting and charitable events to support Societe Generale's partner associations.

The event ran from April to October in 30 countries and 40 locations in France with an overall total of 7,500 participants. In all, more than 110 solidarity events were launched worldwide. Together, members of staff had the commitment and determination to cover more than 116,200 kilometres, raising more than €438,800 for the Group's partner associations.

Here are some of the countries that participated:

  • Cameroon: 94 members of staff from the head office and from across the network covered more than 1,170 kilometres through various activities (running, indoor sports, biking, walking), raising more than €2,440 for CARE Cameroon and other local partner associations.
  • Italy: 44 members of staff, assisted by 12 volunteers, ran in relay a total of 600 kilometres as part of the Milan Marathon, raising more than €6,400 for Amici Di Edoardo. 
  • The Asia-Pacific region wrapped up its Citizen Commitment Time in late October with the annual Asia Bike Ride. In the Chiang Mai region of Thailand, 121 members of staff rode a total of nearly 8,500 kilometres over two days, collecting €130,000 for several associations including Passerelles Numériques in Southeast Asia and the Hans Anderson Club in Hong Kong.

In France, more than 40 locations took part. For example, thanks to the exercise bikes temporarily installed in La Défense Towers and on the Dunes campus in Val-de-Fontenay, east of Paris, 1,450 members of staff rode more than 20,000 kilometres. As a result, they raised €100,000 for five major partner charities of the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity: Apprentis d'Auteuil, ARES, CARE France, Emmaüs Défi, and Sport dans la Ville.

"Team spirit, sharing and commitment were the motto for this athletic challenge. And that drive continues all year long! Citizen Commitment Time is a high point for community support at Societe Generale. It is one initiative among many civic involvement actions that the Foundation proposes to our staff: solidarity days, mentoring, pro bono days, financial education, skills-based sponsorship, fund-raising, and more," says Cécile Jouenne-Lanne, Head of Citizenship at Societe Generale.

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