Published on 24/11/2016

ALD Automotive spurs innovation in Amsterdam

During a press visit to its Mobility Experience Centre in Amsterdam yesterday, ALD Automotive provided details of its strategy in terms of innovation and mobility in the leasing industry where technology is changing the usage: car owning versus car sharing model, long term versus short term rent, development of multimodal solutions.

Through the creation of its Mobility Experience Centre, a high place of creation dedicated to innovation, companies get to experience the latest trends and developments related to mobility.

Martyn Briggs, a 11-year-consultant at Frost & Sullivan, a research and growth British consulting company, participated in the conference about the Corporate Mobility Business Models and opened the discussion on the future trends and the role of the different players, traditional and more disruptive ones, in such matter.

This event was also an opportunity for ALD Automotive to present the latest innovations launched not only by the holding but also by its Dutch subsidiary:

  • ALD choice:

This digital lease showroom has the following advantages: immediate choice, a dynamic offer, new and used models and flexible lease terms from 3 months for a fixed rate per employee, total outsourcing of fleet management.

  • ALD free: is an online platform for employees to compile their mobility package 24/7.

All combinations are possible: car, public transportations, e-bike, parking, even a holiday vehicle.

  • My ALD:

Simple, innovative and efficient, the My ALD mobile app allows drivers to access all the services they need to make their everyday life easier. After a successful release in France, ALD Automotive has decided to roll out My ALD across another 20 countries where ALD Automotive is present.

“We created hubs to get things done, and generated a culture to support that building upon and leveraging an innovation culture that was already present in our countries Not by measuring our people at every turn, but by empowering them. The result: products are developed much faster, much closer to the client, and much easier to adapt”, commented John Saffrett, ALD Automotive Chief Administration Officer.