Responsible Employer
Published on 07/03/2022

Solidarity with our staff and the people of Ukraine

From the very first moments of the war in Ukraine, Societe Generale group has been mobilised, in particular through its subsidiaries in Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic and all its ALD Automotive subsidiaries to help those on the ground.
Very quickly, financial and in-kind donation campaigns were spontaneously organised around the world.
In the wake of these initial initiatives and in the face of a worsening humanitarian situation, the Group is now embarking on a new phase of mobilisation: €2 million are released to respond to this emergency.
With this solidarity fund, which will complement our corporate foundation The Future is You, we have chosen to support two leading organisations, which have been partners of Societe Generale for many years: The Red Cross Movement through The Red Cross and The Fondation de France. These partners made an immediate response to the situation and continue to act at a local level, as close as possible to where they are needed. These two structures provide direct support to families affected by the conflict in Ukraine and in the neighbouring countries where they seek refuge: accommodation, food, psychological support and basic necessities.
At the same time, Societe Generale is launching a campaign to collect donations for the Red Cross, which is open to all Group staff worldwide. At the end of the collection campaign, Societe Generale has committed to match the amount raised by doubling the sums donated to the Red Cross.
Closely following the evolution of the situation and the needs in each country, Societe Generale and staff members are and will remain committed, at all times, to act as a company of solidarity, supporting the values of peace and security.