Corporate & Social Responsability
Published on 11/10/2022

Societe Generale committed to reducing energy consumption

As part of its CSR approach, Societe Generale has been committed to reducing its carbon footprint for several years. In 2021, we have accelerated our ambitions by announcing a target of a 50% reduction in the Group's carbon emissions between 2019 and 2030. 

Today, the Group participates in the national effort requested by the French government through: 

  • an 'energy sobriety' plan aimed at reducing our energy consumption (gas, electricity, fuel) by 10% within two years compared to 2019,
  • the signature of the EcoWatt commitment charter drawn up by the French Electricity transmission network (RTE) as well as the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME). The goal of this promise is to improve electricity consumption and reduce the risk of power cuts in France. 

In concrete terms, we will deploy the following energy-saving measures:  

  • reducing the temperature of heating to 19°C and reducing the use of air conditioning in premises where the temperature exceeds 26°C
  • change the level of lighting in our premises by modernising technical solutions, accelerating the deployment of LEDs and turning off lights in unoccupied offices as well as unnecessary light displays
  • moderate energy consumption by continuing efforts to reduce standby times for electrical appliances, screens and photocopiers

In addition, an alert system (orange and red according to the RTE system) has been set up to anticipate consumption peaks and avoid power cuts by implementing additional savings measures.   

Within the Societe Generale group, these measures may be accompanied, for example, by increased optimisation of the use of heating. 

We must act collectively, but also individually.