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Societe Generale China reaches new heights

Published on 30/01/2024
Societe Generale China reaches new heights

Societe Generale China moved into its new building in the Shanghai Tower in September 2023. This building, considered to be the tallest tower in China, attracts the most famous foreign banks.

In Shanghai, Societe Generale previously occupied office space of approximately 1,500 m² in a reputable building located in the Pudong business district of central Shanghai. As this building was of an older generation (1995), its layout was not especially compatible with new hybrid working methods. That is why, in January 2022, the Group began considering a new location.

A new sober and optimised space

Based on these considerations, the Group finally chose the Shanghai Tower, primarily because of its exemplary CSR credentials. It has been awarded several environmental certifications, including LEED Platinum, BOMA Certificate and China Green Building – 3 stars. In addition, the possibility of moving to a flex office configuration has allowed a 23% reduction in the surface area compared to the previous building. Societe Generale China now occupies 1,165 m² of gross floor area, compared with 1,500 m² previously. With less floor space to use or light for the same number of employees, this reduction in the real estate footprint also means a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Clean air and CO2 reduction

The new space is equipped with a low-energy lighting system that uses energy-saving LEDs, timers, and motion sensors to save electricity; responsible materials were also favoured in the construction; and a green wall has been also created to cool the air and reduce the use of air conditioning. As a result of these actions, a reduction of around 12 tonnes of CO2 per year is expected.

Lastly, this building offers employees cleaner air and greater comfort with adjustable seated/standing desks. The move is also an opportunity to introduce responsible management of furniture and waste disposal. 

The project, spanning 18 months and covering the challenging Covid-19 period, which continued throughout 2022, was successfully completed in September 2023. The local teams could then move into the new premises on the 30th floor of the Shanghai Tower. This project supports the development of Societe Generale China by offering modern premises in a building that epitomises Shanghai. The aim of this office is to strengthen Societe Generale China’s brand image and visibility with customers, reduce its costs and improve the working environment for its employees.

Helen Jiang, Head of Corporate Services in China

To celebrate this move, the Shanghai Tower was illuminated with the slogan “Societe Generale side by side with our clients”, symbolising the Bank’s commitment to China, where it has operated for 42 years.