Developing a more sustainable world through wind and solar energy production

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Published on 27/04/2021

The largest green loan granted so far in Romania

As an important player in the credit market for local and multinational companies, BRD granted Hidroelectrica approximatively 250 million euros in the largest bilateral lending operation since 1990 in Romania. This is also the largest green loan granted so far in Romania and a further confirmation of the excellence of BRD's know-how in terms of lending facilities granted to large companies.

Hidroelectrica is the largest producer of green energy in Romania and the main provider of technological services required in the Romanian national energy system, being a vital company for this strategic sector, with implications for national security.

“Hidroelectrica takes very seriously the investment objectives it has assumed towards its shareholders through the company's strategy. Romania has a huge potential for development in the area of renewables, and Hidroelectrica has the will to attract resources to act firmly in this direction. We want to take all the opportunities to diversify production but keeping in the centre of our values the label of a Romanian 100% green company”, said Bogdan Badea, Chairman of Hidroelectrica’s board of directors.

The facility, granted for a period of 7 years, will finance the realization of direct investments in operational projects based on wind and solar energy production. The company's investment and development strategy, aimed at diversifying in the field of renewable energies, as well as the company's commitments to environmental aspects, enabled this loan to be qualified as ‘green’. Indeed, it is in line with the Green Loan Principles of the Credit Market Association (LMA Green Loan Principles).

“We are honoured to support the ambitious program of Hidroelectrica SA through the structuring of the largest green loan in Romania to date. This is also a testament to our high ambitions to help develop a more sustainable world”, said Yves Lallemand, BRD’s Deputy CEO, coordinator of the Corporate Banking activities.

As part of Societe Generale, BRD confirms its will to promote green financing as the cornerstone of sustainable business practices. 

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