Supporting our 149,000 employees in the enhancement of their skills and their employability, developing a responsible banking culture based on our values to ensure dialogue with partners and the diversity of the teams, offering a suitable working environment nurturing the commitment of the teams. These are our priorities as a responsible employer.

Promoting diversity

Diversity is an important issue in terms of both ethical requirements and performance. The Group has made it a priority to promote women and international profiles to positions of responsibility and senior management roles at the Bank. To ensure it achieves this objective, the Group has established a Diversity Board and Strategic Talent pools. 

Societe Generale is committed to tackling discrimination and increasing diversity in terms of age, socio-economic background and disability. A number of initiatives have been implemented on a local basis, depending on the challenges and regulations of the different countries.

The Bank is very proud to support the UN's Standards of Conduct for Business regarding LGBTI's in the workplace.

Gender equality

In France, the Avenir law  of 5 September, 2018, seeks to eliminate all gender pay disparirties. In compliance with this law, Societe Generale SA France has published its gender equality index score: 85/100 for 2018. 


This index allows companies to measure each year their level in terms of gender equality. The total score is calculated on the basis of 5 criteria:
• The difference between wages
• The difference between pay increases
• The difference between promotions
• The number of employees who had a pay raise after returning from their maternity leaves
• The number of women in the 10 highest remunerations.

This index contributes to measuring the commitments and achievements of Societe Generale as far as gender equality is concerned.

In 2018, Societe Generale was the first French bank in the gender equality rankings compiled by Equileap, an NGO, and was ranked 14th internationally, out of 3,000 companies.

The Group is also undertaking a number of other initiatives to achieve gender equality:

  • Development opportunities (Women in Leadership course (WILL) for female strategic talent, inter-company initiatives such as the JUMP forum and EVE programmes)
  • Awareness-raising, training and mentoring programmes; internal networks (mixed and women-only) with more than 2,400 members worldwide
  • The signing, in 2015, of the Societe Generale collective agreement on gender equality in France
  • The signing in 2016 of United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles  
  • Parental support (financial support, teleworking, a charter listing 15 work-life balance commitments and the provision of dedicated services such as information on the different types of childcare, help to find crèche places, talks on the different aspects of parenting, specific measures around maternity leave)
  • The signing of #sToPe, an initiative that bring together 27 companies around 8 commitments to fight against everyday corporate sexism
  • The signing in 2019 of a new collective agreement on gender equality in France that stresses Societe Generale's commitment in terms of promoting diversity, allocating €7 millions for 2019-2021 to correct pay gaps, balancing worklife/private life, etc.  

Inclusion of persons with disabilities

In 2016, the signing of the ILO Global Business and Disability Network Charter by Frédéric Oudéa gave Societe Generale access to a network providing a forum and good practice information on the inclusion of people with disabilities.
Internationally, recruitment, awareness-raising, inclusion and support programmes have been set up to promote the employment of people with disabilities.

In France, Societe Generale is an official partner of the Disabilities, Employment and Responsible Purchasing trade exhibition in Paris and of European Disability Employment Week. It is also continuing its inclusion programmes (HandiFormaBanques work-study programme, Agences & Inclusion programme, student grants, Biomecam Innovation & Handicap university chair with Paris Tech).

Social inclusion and age diversity

In addition to the work of the Societe Generale Foundation, Societe Generale SA was one of the first companies to sign up to the “Entreprises & Quartiers” charter introduced by the Ministry for City affairs in 2013. This commitment has been reflected in the implementation of inclusion programmes and the funding of inclusion and subsidized contracts within 16 local associations. In 2016, Societe Generale co-founded the Public Interest Grouping  of the  “Grande École du Numérique”, a public accreditation body enabling people from different backgrounds (unemployed young people, people in work who want to advance their careers etc.) to develop digital and IT skills.

The Group is committed to a generational balance: within the Group's workforce 23 % are under the age of 30, 26 % are over 45 and the average age is 37.8. 

Societe Generale seeks to enhance cooperation between the different generations through reverse mentoring programmes and the intergenerational think tank WhyLab, made up of members from generation Y, which offers discussion workshops around the adaptation of Group projects to young people. In France, in relation to regulations aimed at keeping older people in employment, the Group’s subsidiaries have put in place specific agreements and/or action plans for both young and older people.

Further information 
Integrated report 2019: Making our staff the agents of their own success

Supporting the transformation of the businesses

In the context of the transformations in the banking landscape, Societe Generale faces three challenges : recruitment, training and career mobility.

The Group must anticipate the skills that the businesses will require in the medium and long term. In order to do so, it must attract the best profiles for the growing or emerging businesses, as well as develop skills and employability through training, learning and the formulation of clear career paths. Lastly, Societe Generale fully embraces the digital transition, by offering alternative ways of working, an agile organisation and new forms of interaction with the stakeholders.

Acting responsibly in all of relationships

To be a trusted partner committed to positive transformation, Societe Generale is guided by four fundamental values (team spirit, innovation, responsibility and commitment), and promotes the behaviours and skills through which all its employees should apply these values. 

The Code of Conduct, which was updated at the end of 2016 and implemented worldwide, describes the standards to be met and represents a commitment to each stakeholder. This Code applies to all employees in all locations. In 2016, Societe Generale launched an extensive “Culture and Conduct” programme under the direct supervision of the Chief Executive Officer, which reports on its action to the Board of Directors. 

The behavioural skills reflected in the Leadership Model are divided into three categories corresponding to the main levels of responsibility within the company – senior executives, managers and employees – and are common to the whole Group. They translate the four core values of the Group in a customer-oriented manner : think out of the box, work for collective success, lead ethically and show consideration to others. 

Having a positive social impact is made possible thanks to a constructive and structures international social dialogue. In addition to its legal frameworks, Societe Generale has set up dialogue and consultation bodies since 2013 to address the corporate strategy. In 2017, 215 agreements were signed within the Group (including 16 for Societe Generale SA in France and 96 for the subsidiaries of Crédit du Nord). Group-wide, Societe Generale is implementing an agreement on fundamental human rights and freedom of association, signed with the UNI Global federation in 2015. The Bank and UNI Global Union renewed their agreement in 2019