Published on 17/03/2021

Societe Generale has signed l’Autre Cercle charter

By signing the charter established by L'Autre Cercle, a benchmark French association that works to promote LGBT+* inclusion in the workplace, Societe Generale is taking a further step against discrimination and in favour of a more inclusive company.

Diony Lebot, Deputy CEO of Societe Generale group, sponsor of the Pride & Allies network and one of the signatories to L’Autre Cercle charter, explains: “Ensuring the inclusion of all our employees, regardless of their gender, origin or sexual orientation is a corporate duty and a strong commitment for  Societe Generale. Everyone within our Group has a right to be respected for their difference, and to have the freedom of self-expression and development without discrimination.  Our signature of L’Autre Cercle charter is a further step in combating all discrimination, in particular discrimination against LGBT+ people. Diversity is a strength that stimulates performance and community. In joining the other signatories of L’Autre Cercle charter, we benefit from the shared advice and best practices of other companies which will bolster our own policies promoting the inclusion of LGBT+ people and can pursue the transformation of our company which is enriched by its differences. "

“Individuals in the LGBT+ community currently face multiple levels of discrimination, in both their private and professional lives. It is therefore great news for us that Societe Generale has made a commitment to work with us; this signature is a genuine mark of the Group's societal and ethical engagement”, says Christophe Berthier, President of L’Autre Cercle.

“The charter serves as a formal framework for the implementation of policies to promote diversity and prevent discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity. It is a clear mark of Societe Generale's engagement, which serves as confirmation and/or reassurance for all those concerned, while also imposing a framework of respect and obligation”, adds Catherine Tripon, spokesperson and co-manager of L’Autre Cercle's LGBT+ Engagement Charter.

Principles of the charter
Launched in 2013, L’Autre Cercle LGBT+ Engagement Charter proposes concrete action for employers looking to incorporate LGBT+ issues into their policies for promoting diversity and preventing discrimination. The signature of this charter is an important promise to the individuals concerned.

As a responsible employer, Societe Generale is aware of the challenges around the visibility of employees who are lesbian, gay or bisexual in a working environment that is non-inclusive, and around the forced visibility of individuals undergoing transition. By joining L’Autre Cercle, the Bank is committing to the application of non-discriminatory practices and to guaranteeing the same rights and advantages for all of its staff members in terms of parenthood, conjugal status, job promotion, etc.:

  • create an inclusive environment for LGBT+ co-workers;
  • ensure equal rights and treatment for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity;
  • support employees that have suffered from discriminatory action or behaviour;
  • measure the progress made and share best practices to help improve the workplace environment in general.

Diversity and inclusion at Societe Generale
Societe Generale’s Diversity and Inclusion policy reflects its goal to recognise and promote all talent, regardless of their beliefs, age, disability, parenthood, ethnic origin, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, membership of a political organisation, religion, membership of a union, or membership of a minority, or any other characteristic that could be the subject of discrimination. The Group strives to be a company in which employees feel accepted and welcomed for their diversity, just like the diversity of our clients and society.

Societe Generale’s signature of L’Autre Cercle Charter is a major step in asserting the commitment it made several years ago to the inclusion of the LGBT+ community:

  • signature of the UN Principles in June 2018 of which L’Autre Cercle is a partner; 
  • modification of Societe Generale’s internal code to incorporate our Diversity & Inclusion policy. Since October 2019, the Societe Generale Code has made express reference to inclusion for all employees regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation or method of parenthood. Societe Generale’s suppliers and service providers must comply with this code of behaviour;
  • availability of a tool for reporting inappropriate behaviour;
  • creation of guidelines for discussing LGBT+ issues and mandatory training for managers on inappropriate behaviour, in which LGBT phobia is specifically mentioned;
  • member of the Têtu Connect network since 2020;
  • multiple events organised by the internal Pride & Allies network, supported by Diony Lebot, Deputy CEO, and global diversity sponsor.

Societe Generale will draw on the expertise of L’Autre Cercle and its members to help it bolster its initiatives to promote greater inclusion and combat all forms of discrimination against the LGBT+ community.

*LGBT+: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and all other non-majority forms of sexual orientation or gender identity

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