Published on 17/11/2021

To be the best international bank in Russia: Rosbank reveals its "Sustainable growth" strategic roadmap for 2021-2025

Following the successful execution of its 2018-2020 strategy, Rosbank presents key strategic initiatives of its 2021-2025 strategic cycle.

“We defined the strategy around Rosbank’s ultimate ambition to become the best International bank in Russia for our clients, employees and society by 2025. We named it “Sustainable growth”, in line with the purpose of Societe Generale, which is: “Building together with our clients a better and sustainable future through responsible and innovative financial solutions”.

Our strategy relies on three levers which are naturally derived from Societe Generale’s purpose:

  • Client – we are more than ever committed to supporting our clients through the cycle and strive to become a life-long reliable and trusted partner, helping them achieve their goals;
  • Efficiency – a tool in achieving our ambition;
  • Sustainable development – our vision for a better sustainable future.

Our roadmap is designed to capture growth in all our client segments and will deliver strong and sustained financial performance for the benefit of all our stakeholders”, emphasized Ilya Polyakov, CEO of Rosbank.

More than ever committed to clients

For its clients, Rosbank aims to become a life-long reliable and transparent partner and provide them with the best service. With the Net Promoter Score (NPS) being the main instrument to measure client satisfaction, the bank targets at least Top-5 positions in NPS on the market across all client segments.

In Corporate Banking

In wholesale, on a 2021-2025 horizon, Rosbank plans to keep growing, on par or above the market growth rates in target segments. The bank will maintain leadership positions in global transaction banking (GTB), including rouble clearing, trade finance and factoring. On top of that, the bank will promote standardized products for smaller companies and customized solutions for large corporates. Based on the dynamic development in digital, Rosbank will continue to increase end-to-end digitalization of existing products and paperless interaction.

One of the main targets is the diversification of client base and increase of number of MidCap clients (revenue 0.4-4 RUBbn) with an average annual growth of 12-17% by 2025. The growth will be based on efficiency improvement in work with small tickets, developed scoring products supported with digital offer and strong GTB offer.

In financial market services, Rosbank will provide a full modern range of products in brokerage and asset management for all types of customers with the ambition to keep leading positions in depositary services. In capital market and investment banking, the bank will enlarge and digitalize markets product offer.

For multinational companies (MNC), Rosbank is willing to become the bank of choice, effectively utilizing its current strengths among which are reliable and sustainable status, universal banking capabilities, expertise on global and local levels and technologically advanced platform. The bank will intensify the cooperation with Societe Generale offices in other countries and with Rosbank regional units, will develop cash management offer for multinational clients to provide best in class offer for MNC customers.

Rosbank aims to be one of the leaders in ESG products, leveraging on Societe Generale’s expertise in this field. Societe Generale, a founding member of the Net Zero Banking Alliance, is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050 in both its client activities and own operations. Among key ambitions is to finance up to 150 RUBbn of Sustainable and Positive Impact Finance products by 2025 and to be amongst the top-3 private banks in the Russian market in ESG financing products, and a leader in green bonds.

In Retail banking

The ambition of Rosbank in retail is to reach high client satisfaction. The bank should grow its active client base by 5-10% annually, as well as develop its business on par or above the market growth rates in all key segments.

The bank will continue developing an omni-channel customer journey providing clients with flexibility in their interaction with the bank. Rosbank clients, either individual, or small businesses, may use one of its 230+ outlets throughout Russia, in more than 60 regions. Besides the development of offline presence, the bank will provide a relevant digital offer: Rosbank has recently launched its new mobile app, aiming to develop further its digital channels and services. As a result, by 2025 the bank will have 100% of its core products offered through digital channels, 70% digital sales (vs app. 50% in 2021).

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, the bank will develop seamless and timely lending products and develop its partner services: online accounting, registration services, legal services etc. Thanks to the combination of human approach and strong digital offering, Rosbank aims to grow the client base by 10% annually.

Rosbank will keep developing its real estate ecosystem, built around the anchor product – mortgage. Providing highly digitalized products enriched by partner services (API integration with partners), Rosbank aims to double mortgage production volumes by 2025 and get the leadership in NPS.

In car lending, the bank intends to maintain its leadership on the market (being at least top-3 in car loans and #1 in electric car loans), by providing excellent customer experience, thanks to enhanced processes.

Rosbank is historically well recognized in private banking and works with premium clients thanks to high reliability, relevant savings and investment product offers and smooth customer experience. Strategically, the bank’s ambition is to be #1 in NPS for Private banking clients and one of the best premium banking programs on the market.

As sustainability is one of the pillars of Rosbank’s strategy, the bank offers to its clients opportunities to invest in sustainable products. Already 10% of Rosbank’s retail clients Assets Under Management are invested in sustainable products. Rosbank plans to increase it to 25% by 2025, leveraging on Societe Generale’s expertise.

Rosbank considers distributing its products and services to third parties (bank-as-a-service approach), extracting maximum value from existing capabilities, and constantly searching for new opportunities. Having several on-going initiatives, this approach should become one of the levers for growth of the banks retail franchise by 2025.

Rosbank, a responsible bank

For its employees, the bank’s ambition is to be a great place to work. Rosbank is historically committed to the development in the fields of diversity, inclusion, gender equality, and its top-management is comprised of a high share of women (50% in management Board, 40%+ women in top management). The bank will develop further its strong corporate culture, leveraging on Societe Generale values, and providing employees with ongoing training, development of hard and soft skills, promoting hybrid way of working (possibility to choose working remotely or in office). As a result, the bank wants to be constantly one of the Best Employers in Russia (including Best digital employer).

Rosbank believes in the leading role of banks in the climate transition in order to meet the objectives of carbon neutrality defined by the Paris Agreement. The bank wants to contribute to a transition that is both proactive and responsible. Sustainable development is at the heart of Rosbank’s strategy and involves all its teams, in every activity, function and geography.