Published on 13/06/2016

Quality of life in the workplace : Societe Generale expands its initiatives

With the signature of the agreement on work conditions and the launch of the Life at Work programme in 2015, Societe Generale Group aimed to share many of the initiatives it had already implemented for several years while creating an environment to promote new ones. Following a positive initial assessment, the Bank continues and strengthens its commitment to promoting quality of life in the workplace.

Signed in 2015 with four trade unions, the agreement on workplace conditions defined a structured general framework designed to rethink the approach to work and develop the quality of the work community, schedule times to allow employees to express their views on their work, and seek a balance reconciling work and home life.

The Life at Work programme launched in 2015 has seen a high level of success. The initiatives developed by the Group under this programme are founded on several pillars:

• Individual and collective efficiency: for example, the implementation of an e-mail management optimisation system, meetings (conferences and facilitation kits) and the creation of a think tank animated by sociologist Jean-François Dortier on the theme of dispersion at work.

• Teleworking and new methods to organise working hours
In France, Societe Generale has been testing a teleworking programme since 2013. With a satisfaction rate of 91%, the Group has expanded this programme to include new departments and positions: more than 4,000 employees are expected to telework by the end of 2016. 

• Work environment
The workplace environment is evolving to accommodate new methods of work and collaboration: for example, the Group created a workspace for itinerant employees on site at La Défense and launched the project of developing “relaxation areas” in the new “Les Dunes” office complex in Val de Fontenay, which will integrate its first employees in the fall. 

• Life moments and benefits 
Various services are offered to help employees better manage their work and home life, such as employee and family benefits (personal care services, help finding childcare, nurseries, etc.) or access to conferences and exchange workshops on parenting (childhood, adolescence, family caregivers, siblings). Since the beginning of the year, new services have been offered via a single service provider: academic tutoring, housework, senior assistance and pet boarding.

• Health and safety
The Group has implemented a new external counselling and support campaign, with access to a clinical psychologist for employees under the care of one of the Group’s occupational physicians. A robust programme of health and safety initiatives, as well as regular awareness-raising and training initiatives on stress management, have been undertaken as part of the Group’s approach to social responsibility.

• Management
In order to become the relationship-focused bank of reference, Societe Generale relies on a principle of symmetry: the focus and care that the company gives to its customers must reflect those it gives to its employees. Management plays a critical daily role in this regard. The Group has launched several workshops dedicated to improving quality of life in the workplace in order to benefit the performance of its teams. 

In 2015, nearly 1,800 employees participated in events organised during Quality of Life at Work Week and Life at Work certification was awarded to the most effective initiatives. This year, the 2nd Quality of Life at Work Week takes place from 13 to 17 June 2016, in connection with the French national event organised by ANACT, the French national Agency to improve working conditions.

For Edouard-Malo Henry, Head of Group Human Resources, “employees’ quality of life in the workplace is an important condition for their commitment and performance. It is the key to the sustainable success of the company.”