Published on 29/06/2018

#MonJob2020, the support framework for retail banking staff in France

Societe Generale has reinvented its approach to training so as to develop the mobility and employability of its staff in the context of the transformation of the retail banking network in France. The bank is launching a personalised skills assessment programme for 20,000 members of staff to help them acquire the key skills and expertise they will need in the future.

Committed to a transformation of unprecedented scope and rapidity (adapting the network, sector-specific commercial plans, simplifying the managerial structure, etc.), French Retail Banking is rolling out #MonJob2020, its dedicated staff support framework. This approach seeks to make staff active participants in their professional development with an individualised training and development programme, while also boosting their mobility and employability.

An approach co-developed with staff

First, 400 staff members (branch managers, individual and corporate advisers, credit analysts, multimedia advisers, etc.) participated in updating business line profiles and defining a map of the new skills needed to satisfy customers’ expectations in terms of advice and service.

The bank is completing its training offer with an AI-based skills assessment programme

The ongoing, modular training programme, which combines classroom and distance sessions, “fast learning” (tutorials, gaming, quizzes, etc.) and mentoring, is now enhanced by a digital assessment platform that helps staff intuitively describe all their skills, ambitions and motivations. Then, using powerful algorithms, the tool guides staff and helps them build an individualised training plan to enhance their professional and behavioural skills and benefit from more extensive mobility opportunities.

This solution better identifies and guides the right people to the right positions, reduces the time needed to fill a position internally by targeting appropriate profiles more effectively and boosts the likelihood of success in the position by taking the staff member’s motivations into account.

After being tested with 3,000 people across all business lines, this framework now applies to the entire network (20,000 staff).

“Banking is a profession. Retail Banking requires expertise in a changing regulatory framework. In the face of customers’ increasing expectations, the #MyJob2020 framework allows us to support staff in developing their expertise to enhance their employability and their mobility. This approach also allows us to have a permanent, precise skills map that helps manage the company's needs in its transformation,” explains Laurent Goutard, Head of French Retail Banking.

Societe Generale is investing €150 million, or 1 million hours, in training from now until 2020.

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