For its App, Societe Generale is taking co-creation a step further

Test the Societe Generale App’s future services and features… This is now possible thanks to the "Appli LAB" (Lab app)! Indeed, Societe Generale, leader in terms of digital services and innovation, is enabling its customers to participate in the development of future versions of its iPhone and Android app, which is already acknowledged as being the world’s best mobile banking app.

Customers will be able to try out these various services under real conditions with their own account. The first service available to be tested by the Appli LAB, “Mon enveloppe de dépenses” (my spending envelope), allows users to manage their budget in greater detail. Once they have downloaded the Appli LAB and authenticated themselves using their remote banking access code, the customer defines a monthly spending envelope from which their expenditure is automatically subtracted throughout the month. They can check the amount still available to spend at any time and adjust their day-to-day expenditure accordingly. Opinions and suggested improvements, passed on within the Appli LAB itself, will then allow the service to be continually optimised and hence ensure that it fully meets users’ requirements.

The Appli LAB is available for free from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Simultaneously to its launch, customers were also invited, throughout December and via the “SG et Vous” co-creation platform, to vote for the next style for the “gauge”, which is the trademark of Societe Generale’s App. To help improve its design, users were given a choice of four graphic universes.