Published on 29/07/2016

The EBA publishes the results of the 2016 European Stress Testing Exercise

The European Banking Authority published on 29th July 2016 the results of the 2016 Europe-wide stress-testing exercise covering 51 banks in the EU.

The results confirm the resilience of Societe Generale’s balance sheet and the quality of its portfolio: the transitional CET1 capital ratio closes at 11.94% at end-2018 in the baseline scenario and at 8.03% in the adverse scenario.
The detailed results of the stress testing for Societe Generale are available in excel format on the Group’s Corporate website under “Pillar 3 and other prudential information”, for the year 2016 at:
The complete results and information regarding the methodology used for the set of European banks reviewed are available on the European Banking Authority website: