Offering a responsible, solidarity-based range of banking products

To develop our solidarity banking solutions, we promote microfinance around the world, offer new sustainable and responsible products, encourage our customers to develop a solidarity approach and provide support for vulnerable customers. Here are some examples of solidarity-based banking in action.

Thanks to the three solidarity-based banking products offered by Societe Generale, the clients have the option of donating to charitable organisations. More than €1.4 million (70% by Societe Generale and 30% by clients) have been donated to 48 partner charities through the Solidarity Savings Service, the Charitable Collection Cards and the Filigrane loyalty programme. This figure is up 9% from 2012.

The Group is also a major player in microfinance, with more than €80 million in authorised loans at the end of 2013. Outside France, Societe Generale works with 24 microfinance institutions (MFIs). In France, the Group is a partner of ADIE (the Association for the Right to Economic Initiative) and also offers microloans and support in association with the Crésus and "Restaurants du Cœur" organisations.

Societe Generale is also committed to developing Positive Impact Finance. This refers to financing that has a positive impact on the environment, people's basic needs and improvements in the least-developed countries. This approach has been developed by a working group conducted in association with other financial establishments and the French Corporate Social Responsibility Study Centre (ORSE). In 2013, Societe Generale provided €600 million in financing for positive-impact projects.