Published on 29/07/2015

CGA wins silver medal for Best Factoring Institution in TFR* Awards

For the second year running, CGA, Societe Generale’s French factoring subsidiary, has won a silver medal at the 2015 TFR Awards* for ‘Best Factoring Institution’.

This award is a welcome acknowledgment of Societe Generale team commitment to providing the best factoring services to their clients, through the strength and reach of its global network, dedicated local expertise, and state-of-the-art technology. In 2014, CGA grew its receivables purchased by 41% as a result of an expanded product range, making it the third ranking factor in France.

The TFR Awards recognise leading performers in the complex global trade services landscape, and the winners are voted for by readers, with input from impartial members of the TFR advisory board.

Societe Generale Rosbank was also awarded a bronze medal for ‘Best Trade Bank in Russia and the CIS’.

The two awards highlight both Societe Generale subsidiaries’ continued excellence in delivering efficiency and quality to their customers above and beyond the market standard.

*Trade & Forfaiting Review is a leading trade and supply chain finance information resource providing essential updates to professionals all around the globe